Charles E. Peck – The Man Who Called His Family 35 Times After His Death!

Eerie or mysterious things often have a powerful effect on our thoughts and emotions. They can leave us feeling confused and uncertain, and can even drive us to try and find a rational explanation for what has happened. For example, when the family of Charles E. Peck received multiple phone calls for 12 hours after he died in a train accident, it left even the skeptics feeling perplexed and gave hope to those who believe in life after death.

Life Of Charles E. Peck

In 2008, Charles E. Peck of Salt Lake City was enjoying a happy and fulfilling life. He had recently divorced, but had found new love with his fiancée Andrea Katz. Excited to start the next chapter of their lives together, Charles and Andrea were planning to move in together in California and begin planning their wedding.

Unfortunately, the couple's plans never came to fruition. Charles died in one of the deadliest train accidents in US history, and the circumstances surrounding his death have remained a mystery to this day. The tragedy of the couple's situation was compounded by the fact that they would never get the chance to walk down the aisle and get married.

Charles E. Peck was born on October 16, 1950 in California. He spent much of his career working as a Delta Air Lines agent at Salt Lake City International Airport, where he worked for 19 years. In the lead-up to his death, he traveled to Los Angeles for a job interview at Van Nuys Airport.

Getting a job at Van Nuys Airport would have enabled Charles to marry his fiancée Andrea, who lived in Westlake Village. Because they lived in different states, the couple had been unable to marry until Charles had the opportunity to move closer to Andrea. When the vacancy at Van Nuys Airport presented itself, it must have seemed like the perfect solution to the couple's problem. They were eager to get married and start their new life together, and this job opportunity seemed like it was meant to be.

The Fateful Train Ride Of Charles E. Peck: 2008 Chatsworth Train Collision

On September 12, 2008, Charles traveled to Los Angeles for a job interview at Van Nuys Airport. After arriving in Los Angeles, he boarded the Metrolink train, which was headed to its final stop at Moorpark. Andrea had arranged to pick Charles up at this stop. There were 225 people on the train that Friday evening, and it was scheduled to arrive at its final destination at 4:45 p.m.

At the time, the train was being operated by engineer Robert Sanchez, who was working his second half of a split-shift. While driving the train from Union Station, Sanchez ran a red light while texting on his phone. As the train passed through Chatsworth, it entered onto a single track that was shared with a Union Pacific freight train traveling in the opposite direction. As a result of Sanchez's actions, the two trains collided, causing one of the deadliest train accidents in US history.

The Metro and freight train collided at a speed of 83 mph, resulting in the "2008 Chatsworth train accident." 135 people were injured and 25, including Peck, lost their lives. Andrea was on her way to pick Peck up from the train station when she learned of the accident on the radio.

A subsequent investigation revealed that the engineer was texting with two teenagers at the time of the accident. The teenagers had reportedly befriended the engineer to learn about his job. The engineer's final text message was sent 22 seconds before the collision with the freight train occurred.

The Mysterious Phone Call

In the 11 hours following the accident, Peck's family and fiancée received several calls from his phone. However, when they tried to answer the calls, they only heard static rather than his voice. Despite this, they held onto hope that he was still alive and that the static was a result of him being trapped in the debris and unable to speak due to his injuries.

Andrea, Peck's fiancée, was on her way to the railway station to pick him up when she heard about the collision on the radio. Believing that he was still alive, Andrea shouted encouragement to Peck that help was on the way every time she was able to get through to his phone and heard silence on the other end.

During the first twelve hours after the accident, Peck's child, brother, sister, and stepmother, as well as his fiancée, received a total of 35 calls from his phone. When they tried to call him back, they could only reach his voicemail. It was not until later that they discovered that his body had been found.

Throughout the night, firemen and police worked to rescue the other victims from the carriages. They used the signal from Peck's phone to try to find him. The calls from his phone stopped around 3:00 a.m. the following morning.

Peck's body was found an hour later by the rescue team. Unfortunately, his family learned that he had died in the accident. When doctors examined his body, they determined that he would not have survived the initial collision. This raised the question of how he was able to make phone calls to his family for 12 hours after his death.

There are several theories that have been proposed to explain why Peck's phone may have contacted his loved ones even after his death. Some people believe that the calls were made by trolls, but this is unlikely given that only Andrea knew that he was on the train and missing.

Another possible explanation is that the device malfunctioned. While this is a possibility, it does not explain why the calls seemed to be limited to his closest loved ones and were not reported by any of his other contacts.

Final Words

Some have speculated that Peck may have somehow crossed over from the other side to lead his family to his body and say goodbye. However, no one has been able to definitively solve the mystery. When his body was found, his cell phone was not present.

The reason for the phone calls continuing for such a long time and with such frequency after his death remains a mystery that may never be fully understood.