Characteristics Of A Truly Healthy Relationship

Characteristics Of A Truly Healthy Relationship

Do you have a healthy relationship? A healthy and stable relationship usually has certain signs or features that you can easily identify, and here are some of them:

1. You know the names of your partner's friends and family.

2. You and your partner can share ideas without being critical of one another.

3. You enjoy each other's company without being too clingy to one another.

4. Even when you have disagreements, you and your partner can patch things up quickly.

5. You and your partner trust each other. You can't imagine a situation where your partner would lie to you.

6. You view your partner more positively than most other people.

7. You congratulate each other whenever either of you does something great.

8. You know each other's moods and personalities. You know how to please your partner and your partner knows how to please you.

9. You kiss each other at least once every day.

10. You know each other's life aspirations, and you are prepared to help each other achieve them.

11. You can name at least one of your partner's favorite books, music, and shows.

12. You can recall memorable things that you've done together. You may also remember things that your partner loved or enjoyed.

13. You feel comfortable telling your partner about things that make you feel bad or vulnerable. You may also enjoy telling him things that you find funny or amusing.

14. You have pet names for each other, as well as inside jokes that only both of you understand.

15. You are familiar with each other's more embarrassing moments, including childhood moments.

16. You know how to keep each other entertained and attentive. Likewise, you also know what bores the other.

17. You know what kind of gifts to give to one another.

18. You know what topics interest one another.

19. You never roll your eyes at one another, nor do you call each other crazy.

20. You feel secure in each other's company. You don't feel the need to hide secrets from one another.

21. You know which types of food and beverage the other likes. You also know each other's favorite restaurants.

22. When something goes wrong, you are able to support one another. You are also prepared to forgive one another when something goes wrong.

23. Even when you argue, you still care about each other's feelings.

24. You often express appreciation for one another. You may also occasionally have quiet moments where you can both just cuddle with one another.

25. You can both work as a team, not only with housework but with other projects as well.

26. You are mindful and affectionate towards one another, particularly in the morning when you leave for work and in the evening when you get back home.

27. You are receptive to their suggestions, and they are receptive to yours.

28. When your partner wants to refuse you something, you can take the refusal gracefully, and he can reciprocate that gesture when you want to refuse him something.

29. You know how to share things, particularly the car, the TV and, any other electronic devices around the house.

30. You believe that your relationship will continue for a very long, long time.