Chailee Son Bio, Instagram, And Dating

Thanks to her looks and charisma, Chailee Son has managed to win herself over a million devoted admirers on Instagram. She regularly shares beautiful moments of her life with her fans through her Instagram account, chaileeson.

Date Of Birth

5 February 1988

Horoscope Sign


Birth Place

South Korea

Net Worth

$2 million

Marital Status



5 feet 6 inches (167 cm)


137 lbs (62 kgs)



Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark brown

Tattoos And Piercings

Chailee has a tattoo on her shoulder.

Best Known For

Chailee is famous for the gorgeous photos she shared on Instagram in 2014. Other people on social media shared the images, and her profile went viral, giving her a chance to become a social media model.

Plastic Surgeries


Number Of Instagram Followers (Updated In February 2022)

1,1 million

Who Is Chailee Son Dating?


Chailee Son Boyfriends/Girlfriends


Chailee Son Instagram

Chailee started posting on Instagram back in 2014 while vacationing in Canada. She gets an average of 20k likes per post, with her more popular posts getting over 35k likes.

She likes sharing pictures that show her life as an influencer or images that show her endorsing various brands, especially her product line, CHAILEE.

About Chailee Son

Chailee was born and raised in South Korea, but she lived in Australia and Canada. She always did well in school and got good marks.

After completing high school, Chailee Son studied at Kyungsang University in Busan, where she focused on Material Science Engineering.

Eventually, she abandoned that career and decided to pursue modeling.

Once she got into modeling, she focused on her swimsuit collection. She also became a "Lovely Lady of the Day" on Sports Illustrated, which gave her quite the popularity boost.

Chailee makes money by endorsing brands and getting sponsorship deals as a model. Additionally, she is the CEO of her brand, CHAILEE, which sells clothes, accessories, and other fashion-related things.


Chailee is very close to her mother, who makes healthy meals that help her maintain her healthy physique. She has not shared much else about the rest of her family.

Interesting Facts

Chailee created her Instagram account to share selfies and document her travels with family and friends. That goal has since changed since she posts beautiful pictures with greater appeal.

When people started sharing her pictures on social media, she got more visibility and became a social media model.

Chailee visited Canada on a working visa but stayed after she became famous on social media.

To keep fit, Chailee works out twice a week with her own trainer. She does this to maintain her great physique and fantastic beauty.

She also likes to eat healthy, which is why she eats fruits as a snack. These healthy life choices have helped her maintain a natural and toned look.

Chailee also likes to tan as she feels that this gives her a skin tone that enhances her physical appeal.

She is an animal lover, and her hobbies include traveling.