Certain People Want This Classic Christmas Movie Banned From Now On

This classic holiday film is facing controversy as some people deem it 'inappropriate.' Conservatives now want it banned.

We all know Santa Claus as a good guy who gives gifts to kids during Christmas.

But if you watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer film, the 1964 version, you'll see a different side of Santa.

This film is primarily for kids, but its recent version is receiving criticism online from people of all ages.

Many people are criticizing Hermey the Elf, the film's character who wishes to become a dentist.

What makes Hermey troubling for viewers is his obsession with teeth. Some people even question where the teeth he uses for his toys really come from.

Also, the relationship between some characters in the film bothers some viewers.

They argue, just because you save someone from potential danger doesn't entitle you to their romantic love. This is with regard to Rudolph's relationship with the other characters.

Another negative aspect of the film is how Santa acts like a bully and not really living his truest self that every child loves.

For example, at one time, he encourages discrimination against Rudolph. This makes Rudolph's peers make fun of him on different occasions.

In another incident, Santa is seen making condescending comments towards Mrs. Claus. And as a result, many viewers claim the show promotes bullying.

However, some people have defended the show, saying it is 'fitting' to modern society.

They claim that in their childhood, they loved the show, and the critics are just overanalyzing to find issues with it.

One of the positive aspects the show teaches is how to react when others bully you.

Some people claim that even when others make fun of you, you can still choose to act differently. You can always do good things.

Many people also argue the show should continue to air because it teaches "acceptance and forgiveness." So kids of this generation should watch it without focusing on the negative side.

As you can see, people support both sides of the argument. The film can impacts children's behavior either positively or negatively.

When it comes to what's good or bad for kids, it'll always be upon the parents' discretion.

Just remember, even movies and TV shows tagged as "good for all ages" have scenes that need parental guidance—at least some of them.

Regardless of the argument, parents should be mindful of what their child watches—when it comes to TV shows and movies. They need to teach kids to always focus on the positive in life.