CEO Commended For Refusing To Vacate Airline Seat, Ensuring A Mother Could Sit Beside Her Children


An online community has been praising a courageous woman who firmly refused to switch seats with a mother on an airplane. By standing her ground, she unintentionally prevented the mother from sitting next to her children. Her resolute stance has gained widespread admiration on the internet.

Tammy Nelson, the CEO of CONQUERing, a renowned global jewelry brand, recently shared a noteworthy incident on TikTok. It took place during her Delta Airlines flight from Cincinnati, Ohio, to San Jose, California, when another woman approached her, asking for a seat switch to sit next to her two children.

Ms. Nelson concluded that the woman was already occupying her assigned window seat.

"I double-checked my boarding pass thinking I may have had the wrong row," Ms Nelson told Newsweek.

"When I confirmed I was looking at the correct seat, I thought she must have just mistakenly sat in the wrong seat. So I said, 'I'm sorry but it seems you're in my seat', thinking she would realise it and move."

But the woman did not. "Oh – you want to sit here?" she reportedly said. "I was pretty surprised at the question but replied simply saying, 'Yes, that's the seat I selected'," Ms Nelson said.

The woman conveyed to Ms. Nelson that her two kids were occupying the seats adjacent to her window seat. "Oh well I just thought we could switch since these are my kids," she told Ms Nelson.

Later on TikTok, Ms. Nelson disclosed the genuine reason for declining the seat swap with the mother, who had offered her a middle seat instead.

"I get motion sickness during takeoff and landing if I can't see out the window. I also don't get a lot of sleep. I often try to get a little sleep on planes which is easiest with a window seat," Ms Nelson said.

"On that particular day, I only had 90 minutes of sleep the night before," she said. "And I was headed into a high-pressure work week where I would be presenting to 500 people and really needed to be at my very best so getting a little sleep on that flight was extra-important."

Ms. Nelson's TikTok video has garnered substantial traction and attention, accumulating over 1.6 million views and counting.

In the video, Ms. Nelson elaborated on the mother's reaction, stating that despite her initial frustration, she eventually returned to her original middle seat.

TikTok users have united in support of Ms. Nelson, expressing their admiration for her decision and unwavering stance.

"People should book seats together if they want to sit together," one user wrote.

"The amount of families who aren't paying to select their seats together is mindblowing! You were 100 per cent right to not give up your seat," said another comment.

"Nope. If it's not an upgrade it's a sacrifice," said another.

"People choose aisle or window for specific reasons (eg sleeping or being close to the toilet). No obligation to switch," added another user.

Ms Nelson said "people are fed up with people feeling entitled" when it comes to things like this.

"Clearly the woman just expected that I would make a change to meet her needs, not considering what she had done (or not done) that put her in that situation," she said.

"She just expected me to flex my plans to suit her needs. There seems to be a growing trend of this entitlement in society and I think people are just sick of it."