Celine Dion Says ‘leave Me Alone’ After Being Body-shamed For New, Slimmer Look

World-famous songbird has had enough of people voicing their discontent with her new slimmer look.

Although she insists she has never felt “sexier,” many people have a vastly different opinion about her drastic weight loss.

A picture of her at the Paris Fashion Week, in which she looks too skinny, has drawn a lot of negative attention. In the photo, she can be seen leaning against a wall, donning a metallic suit.

Comments began to pour in as soon as she posted the picture on Instagram. One user claimed that she looked old and way too skinny.

She did not let the unsavory comments go unanswered, as they came out in an interview to claim that she was doing this for herself. And that this is what made her feel feminine, beautiful, and even sexy.

Celine Dion did not stop there. She urged those who had a problem with her new weight to just leave her alone.

celine dion says ‘leave me alone’ after being body shamed for new, slimmer look

While addressing the body-shaming issues she was facing, she also sought to address the rumors that she was dating Pepe Munoz. She denied that the pair had a romantic relationship and that Munoz was her best friend.

Celine Dion has been single since she lost her husband to cancer a few years back, in January of 2016. He was also her manager.

But she does not seem to mind too much that people think of Munoz as her boyfriend. She went on to claim that the two hug and hold hands. But she explains that it is just that he is a gentleman, and he is handsome and also her best friend.

While addressing the negative social media attention she was getting for her picture, she also took the opportunity to announce an upcoming visit to the UK.

celine dion says ‘leave me alone’ after being body shamed for new, slimmer look

Otherwise, her figure’s bad comments followed the launch of her gender-neutral line of children’s clothing named Celinununu in 2018.

According to the singer, the clothing brand is intended to help children feel free and find their individuality. She claimed that she is not out to shift gender norms. She believes that every child deserves to have her own identity and to express themselves freely without feeling the pressure to be like someone else.

Celine has three children herself, and they are all boys. The older is 17 years old, while the other two are 8-year-old twins. Her twin sons both wear the line, and they love it.