Celebrity Cooking Fads That Have Become Mega-Popular Ways To Lose Weight

Celebrity Cooking Fads That Have Become Mega-popular Ways To Lose Weight

Dieting is a topic that is frequently discussed in popular culture. Even though all medical professionals agree that it is harmful, it is preferable to always lead a healthy lifestyle. All of the popular "lose lbs in a week" diets are not only a waste of time but also extremely unhealthy. Individuals continue to search for "what to eat to lose weight quickly." Some of the popular diets have been around for a while, such as the Atkins diet and the Dukan diet. The myths exist. Some people not only made headlines, but they also helped define entire eras.

Such trends are followed by a lot of teenagers who want to look just like their idols. But due to the different physiology of the body, they do not get the proper result, which ultimately leads to depression and health problems. Therefore, top essay writers who work with students suggest that you first start doing simple physical exercises in the gym with a professional trainer and eat less fast food. And diets should be exclusively health-improving.

So, let's check out the list below for the ten weirdest and worst celebrity diets.

Juice Cleansing

Juice cleansing or smoothies, as they are now fashionable, are very popular among celebrities. A lot of stars constantly use this way to lose weight quickly before important events. The diet is certainly effective if you can easily tolerate hunger. Many supporters of this way of losing weight will tell you that it is very useful. The body is cleansed, the immune system is strengthened, digestion is improved and it is also the best protection against cancer.

Official medicine does not approve or confirm all of this. This does not prevent famous actresses like Salma Hayek from constantly using this system to lose weight. The star assures that after a multi-day juice cleanse she becomes motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle. She sees this diet as a kind of meditation.

Coachella Diet

Beyoncé explained how she and her team prepared for their legendary performance at the Coachella Festival in the Netflix documentary "Homecoming" (2019). They were on a particular diet, the celebrity revealed. The singer dropped all the additional weight she accumulated while carrying twins in less than six months. Carbohydrates, alcohol, meat, fish, and dairy products must all be almost entirely avoided during the diet. In Beyonce's own words, it was too severe. She has no intention of engaging in similar behavior ever again. Despite all of her recommendations, the Coachella diet has become very well-known.

Fruitarian Diet

There is a long history to this diet. Famous people like Ashton Kutcher, Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, and Leonardo da Vinci are among its adherents. This diet was one that Jobs followed, and the actor was intended to portray him in the biography film. He was adhering to a fruitarian diet in order to play the part. Due to this, Kutcher had pancreatitis twice while filming and had to be hospitalized. Additionally, specialists claim that following such a diet causes diabetes and dental cavities.

Friends Diet

The Friends Diet is a group of really odd diets. When they were on the television sitcom "Friends," actors Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow were on them for ten years (1994-2004). For the duration of the show, you were not permitted to eat more than 1,200 calories each day under these extremely stringent diet plans. The iconic "Jen's Salad," which was a staple of all these diets, was crucial.

Carnivore Diet

In 2018, psychologist Jordan B. Peterson made the first mention of his preferred diet, which included only beef, salt, and water. Even though it has a weird diet, it has become very popular. This diet does not significantly enhance either physical or mental health. It causes severe constipation and raises the risk of cardiovascular disease, among other things.

Daniel Fast

The Bible's Book of Daniel describes a diet known as the "Daniel Diet," often referred to as the "Daniel Fast." This is a highly rigorous plant-based diet that forbids dairy products, meat, all convenience meals, flour, sweets, alcohol, and all caffeinated beverages. You are limited to eating only whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. Catholics fast during the day on this diet. Doctors advise against doing it for an extended period. This is not a suggested weight loss strategy because it has nothing to do with good eating.

Korean Diet Paper Cup

The Korean female pop band Nine Muses is responsible for the diet's rise to fame. This diet's main requirement is that each of the three meals that are permitted must fit exactly into three paper cups. One cup might be filled with brown rice, another with fruit, and the third with vegetables for those following the diet. A piece of white, lean fish or seaweed is also an option.

Forums that promote anorexia are to blame for the diet's fame. It is only used by girls and teenagers up to the age of twenty. Even so, there are benefits to such a structure. It encourages calorie-free eating while also teaching how to limit portion sizes.

8-Day Goat Milk Cleanse

This "cleaning" was blessed by Queen Gwyneth. She, like many others, thinks that drinking raw goat's milk can help get rid of parasites in the intestines and stomach. Why you should have them is a question you should avoid asking. After all, naturopaths are knowledgeable in their field. Most likely... All experts agree that such a "cleaning" can really end up giving you these parasites. In addition, a huge variety of illnesses.

Alkaline Diet

Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Ripa, and Jennifer Aniston have advocated the alkaline diet for years and closely adhere to it. Its guiding premise is to consume only alkaline foods. Even though it is preferable to exclude acid, acid should be decreased as much as feasible. For instance, all varieties of beef are acidic. The diet appears to be not only safe but also beneficial. No calorie deficit, cancer prevention, as well as other disorders.

The central claim of the argument is that the concept of measure matters in every circumstance. Robert O. Young, the diet's originator, is incarcerated right now for failing to secure a legitimate medical license. Additionally, he claimed that his diet prevents cancer and gave his patients the recommendation to administer a baking soda infusion to treat any illnesses they had been diagnosed with.

The Sleeping Beauty Diet

Of course, it has a nice, romantic tone. Only the worst and riskiest diet currently known can be described as such. According to the theory, a person doesn't need meals while they are asleep. If you want to sleep longer and not feel hungry, you must constantly take sleeping tablets. Rumors suggest that Elvis' physician may have given him drugs to put him into a coma to help him lose the additional weight he was carrying. It ended in a tragic way...

Diets are stylish and in vogue. Naturally, we wish that more time were spent encouraging a healthy way of living. But to do it, you must first and foremost have a sound mental attitude. Actors are understood since their look is a commodity. And it's preferable to sell it for a premium. They frequently give up numerous things to accomplish this.