Celebrities' Reactions To Trump Being Acquitted In Second Impeachment Trial

celebrities’ reactions to trump being acquitted in second impeachment trial

Alyssa Milano, Jon Stewart, Padma Lakshmi, and more celebrities react to Donald Trump's second impeachment acquittal.

Following Trump's historic second impeachment trial on Feb 13, the Senate acquitted the former president.

celebrities' reactions to trump being acquitted in second impeachment trial

While 57 senators voted in favor of conviction compared to 43 against, the vote fell short of the 67 votes needed to convict him. And the contentious decision quickly became a trending topic on Twitter, with many celebrities joining in to express their outrage.

Here's what they said:

Padma Lakshmi

Taking to Twitter, Padma Lakshmi said:

"Imagine if your boss sent a mob of ppl to your workplace to kill you, who beat up 140 cops & 5 people died."

"And when you had the chance to hold him accountable, you were too scared."

"Repubs can't stand up for the American people because they can't even stand up for 'themselves.'"

Don Cheadle

Cheadle wrote:

"43 traitors walk into a bar ..."

John Leguizamo

He remarked:

"Morally bankrupt Republicans! Vote them out 2022!"

Alyssa Milano

The Who's the Boss and Charmed star wrote:

"It is a sad day in America when only 7 republicans have the patriotism and integrity to convict a tyrant."

"Since the Senate won't do its job and convict the traitor Donald Trump, the courts will have to."

Mia Farrow

The actress, activist and former fashion model said:

"GOP Senate disgraced itself today. Sad for our country."

Bette Midler

The songwriter, actress, author and comedian said:

"Americans, prepare to have your hearts broken."

Rob Reiner

Rob wrote:

"43 people decided that the worst violation of the Constitution by a President in our Nation's history was okay."

John Cusack

He reacted:

"- 7 GOP members who voted guilty - the rest are open fascists."

Billy Baldwin

Baldwin wrote:

"Proud to be a Democrat today. Proud of all those who stood tall, told the truth, and voted to convict."

"For Senate Republicans who voted to acquit and all sycophants who continue to support Trump… trust me, it ain't over. SDNY, Fulton, DOJ, Deutsche Bank… only a matter of time."

Rosie O'Donnell

O'Donnell said:

"It tells the world our own government doesn't support the democracy #notGUILTY my fat a-- #heartbroken #AMERICA."

Jon Stewart

Mocking Republicans, Stewart said:

"'The President was guilty of everything he was accused of...which is why I voted to acquit.'"

Matthew Lillard

Lillard commented:

"These cowards possess the power to send Men & Women to war?!?"

"That ain't right. Vote. Them. All. Out."

Sandra Bernhard

Referencing impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin, Sandra said:

"History has not written its final chapter. It is shocking, and yet more will unfold to show the rotten underbelly of unarguably the worst president we have ever elected. It had to be done."

"@RepRaskin is the moral compass that led the charge along with all the impeachment managers."

Joy Behar

She wrote:

"McConnell voted to acquit, but all he's saying now is that Trump is guilty."

Sunny Hostin

Seconding Joy Behar, Sunny said:

"Mitch McConnell voted to acquit. He is a coward and a hypocrite. He isn't a true hero today."

celebrities' reactions to trump being acquitted in second impeachment trial

Albert Brooks

Brooks wrote:

"After acquitting Trump, Mitch McConnell is giving the most passionate guilty speech I've ever heard. Rod Serling called. He wants you out of the Twilight Zone."

Bradley Whitford

The West Wing actor wrote:

"According to @LeaderMcConnell @LindseyGrahamSC, and the vast majority of Republicans, Impeachment is a limited tool reserved for presidents who engage in extramarital affairs, not those who attempt to overthrow an election and kill a bunch of cops in the process."

Patricia Arquette

She said:

"Mitch. You can't have it both ways. You just admitted he was responsible, but your vote will last historically in infamy."

Mike Birbiglia

The comedian joked:

"McConnell accidentally giving his 'convict' speech."

Jim Gaffigan

Jim said:

"Is McConnell now trying to convince the historians he has no soul?"

Ron Perlman

Perlman was perhaps the bluntest of them all. He addressed the former president directly and called him a 'piece of sh*t.'

He said:

"Yo Donnie. You're about to be acquitted."

"But just like you got your ass kicked out of office by the American people, you will always be just a stain. Forever. Because we see you. You piece of shit.

The Senate acquitting Trump means the former president can leave the door open to another White House bid comes 2024.

Despite the recent ruling, senators have hinted they may still try to bar him from office in a separate 14th Amendment measure.