Celebrities Kiss Their Kids On The Lips In Support Of David Beckham

Celebrities Kiss Their Kids On The Lips In Support Of David Beckham

There are tons of things that should be debated, but should kissing your own kids on the lips be one of them? I mean, what's the big deal? Former football player David Beckham kissed his daughter Harper, and some of the reactions on social media were plain mean and judgmental. They trolled Beckham as if it's wrong to show affection to your child. At least he had the courage to share the picture. I honestly think it's adorable.

One particular guy, Piers Morgan, commented that the show of affection was 'weird.' Let's take a moment to digest that. Since when did kissing your kids to show affection become weird? Puh-Lease! If you have nothing better to do with your own free time, others do, and they use it to promote love and affection between parents and their children. It's encouraging to know that while others are unnecessarily critical about everything, there are those who choose to support people and applaud them for their bold actions.

Beckham enjoyed quite a large number of positive remarks from other parents, who came out and praised him for the act. Most of the parents were celebs, and they showed their support of Beckham by sharing pics of themselves kissing their own children on the lips. How's that for solidarity? Regardless of how old their daughters are, the parents, most of whom were dads, confidently kissed them. I love that.

Others made videos and shared them on Instagram, with a description to add some weight to the video. I'm sure the haters were squirming with jealousy and embarrassment at the positive turn of things. I wonder why some think it's wrong or uncool. She's your daughter for heaven's sake!

One supporter who stood out from the rest shared #standbybeckham.

He's determined to motivate more fathers to share pictures of them kissing their daughters to support the ex-football star further. With the fast reactions on social media, it won't be that difficult. The wonderful pictures and videos that support the gesture of affection have filled Instagram like crazy. Moms should come out too and share pics and vids of them kissing their kids, too, to zip the next creeps' mouths who'll definitely have a problem with it.

Kissing your children is a great way to show them that you love them and think about them no matter where they might be. It strengthens the bond between parents and their kids. Coupled with a hug; Such a beautiful gesture of affection brings up a confident and kind young man or lady who's ready to face life's challenges. I salute Mr. Beckham and all those other parents who came out to show support for showing that they love their children. Sometimes words just aren't enough when it comes to appreciating our dear little ones.