Celebrate Your Birthday With A … KitKat!

Celebrate Your Birthday With A … Kitkat!

When a birthday rolls around, people have all sorts of ways of celebrating. It could be a romantic dinner with a partner, a huge party for a special birthday, or spending a quiet one with family and friends. However, one thing that most people usually do is have some sort of birthday cake to mark the occasion.

Well, for those who are not big fans of cakes or simply want an additional sweet treat to help them to celebrate, there is now the fabulous birthday cake flavored KitKat! In fact, it doesn't have to be your birthday for you to enjoy the delicious cake-flavored treat – it can be enjoyed by anyone at any time, special occasion or not! This will be a real boon for fans of KitKats, sweet treats, and birthday cake.

More About the Release

Over the years, KitKat has brought out a range of flavors such as orange, mint, and dark chocolate variations. However, this has to be the most exciting one yet, with many eager to get their hands on the bars. According to reports, these new KitKats are due out this year, so hopefully, it won't be long before you can get hold of one and enjoy the wonderful taste of birthday cake no matter where you are and what day it is.

The release of the new chocolate bar was shared on Instagram recently, sending chocolate fans into a frenzy. Some believe that the bars will be released around Easter, which is bad news for those who have birthdays early on in the year but great news for those who have spring birthdays and want to celebrate with one of these special bars. One person who has already tried the new bar pre-release said it was like chomping on spoons of frosting straight off a birthday cake. The bar is said to have a crunchier center than the standard bars, and the chocolate coating is white rather than milk or dark chocolate.

A Growing Trend with Edibles and Beverages

It seems that the makers of the hugely popular KitKat bar have cottoned on to a growing trend when it comes to birthday cake flavors. You can get all sorts of birthday cake flavored things these days, ranging from cocktails and milkshakes through to ice-cream. These have proven very popular among those who love to enjoy sweet treats, and it looks as though the new KitKat range could soon be enjoying a similar level of popularity as the other products.

In fact, if all goes well, you could soon see people handing out fingers of birthday cake KitKats to guests at birthday parties rather than having to go to the expense of buying a cake and cutting it up for everyone to enjoy a slice!

The official release date of the new KitKat has yet to be confirmed, so in the meantime, you need to keep your eyes peeled if you want to be among the first to try this delicious new flavor.