Celebrate The Small Victories While Waiting For Big Ones

Celebrate The Small Victories While Waiting For Big Ones

We are used to setting big goals that we hope will have a turning point in our lives. We need a long time to pull them off, and along the way, we often forget to celebrate the small victories.

These goals require great sacrifices and a thousand "small steps" to step on that one big one. It can be starting your own business, finishing college, changing jobs, starting a family, buying a house or apartment, increasing sales, or anything else.

These "big" goals are entirely different for each of us, given what we are interested in and what we strive for, and our current focus and priorities.

But, no matter how busy you are daydreaming or even working on your big dream, you need to celebrate the small victories.

This Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Celebrate The Small Victories While Waiting For Big Ones

When you set big goals and start working on them, you realize that it will take many other steps to step on that big one and reach your long-awaited goal to achieve what you set out to do. You also see that there are various risks and obstacles that you did not expect to encounter.

Other days, it seems that the world is in your hands and that you will very easily and quickly achieve the "big" goal.

Commitment, work, and discipline, as many point out, will always be indispensable factors whenever you start to achieve something that causes a feeling of discomfort but also excitement and uncertainty.

There is also the desire to succeed and curiosity on how and when you will grow. And what are "commitment, work, and discipline " but thousands of small steps that, brick by brick, ensure that, once you build the foundation, everything "does not collapse" like a house of cards.

Celebrate The Small Victories While Waiting For Big Ones

You need to celebrate the small victories and shifts along the way, be proud of yourself!

It is easy to forget to be aware of and notice every "small" step you have taken. You begin to only look forward to the "big" one because it will be the time to celebrate success - when you reach the finish line.

There is a saying, "the path to success is not a sprint, but a marathon." This means that you have to walk slowly, prepare strategically, and be happy that you managed to make every next step.

Be proud that you did not give up, that you felt the grounds you walked upon, and that you are closer to the goal with each step.

Celebrate the small victories and make a plan for the best version of your life, not someone else's.

Where Is That Long-awaited Pleasure?

Celebrate The Small Victories While Waiting For Big Ones

"Three, two, one, congratulations!", how long have you waited to hear these sweet words. Finally, you achieved everything you wanted at the finish line. What a relief, pride, and happiness, now you can finally sleep peacefully. And then what? What when you wake up a few days after the "big win" (and sometimes it's just a few hours).

Many of us run that "big marathon," achieve what they set out to do, achieve what they may have thought they would never do, or doubted that it is possible for them. They are the winners.

Happiness is there, euphoria is there, but what when all those feelings subside, and there isn't that long-lasting satisfaction we've so confidently counted on. Why are we already starting to think about what's next in play? Why can't we sit still and look forward to what we have achieved without our brains wandering towards some other goals?

Celebrate The Small Victories While Waiting For Big Ones

Maybe it's the human desire to push boundaries, that hunger for success, and the desire to show ourselves and the world what we are capable of. It's fantastic. It's a good trait and something that makes you work to be better today than you were yesterday.

But if you want to find true happiness and contentment in this process of achieving great goals, you must pay attention to another factor that is often forgotten.

Little things sometimes represent much more than big things because we find love, meaning, and feelings in them. When we celebrate life, we celebrate all its parts, both the essential ones and those that do not directly affect the significant change in life but lead to that change.

So it is essential that in addition to these significant events, you also celebrate the small victories that mean something only to you.

The Secret Ingredient Of Happiness

Celebrate The Small Victories While Waiting For Big Ones

If you "jump" from goal to goal, without the time to celebrate the small victories that caused you to glorify that one "big" one now, you will never feel that genuine, long-lasting satisfaction when you get to the goal. You will feel relief and short-lived happiness and delight, but you'll feel empty already the next day.

For this well-deserved sense of satisfaction to last, you need to be aware of every step you have taken on the path to achieving each of your goals.

Every sentence uttered, a question for help and advice, alarm clock ringtone that woke you up, overtime work, call you took, "stop" you made to help someone else on the way at the cost of you slowing down, every tear, new challenge you solve... It's all worth celebrating much, much more than that last race to the finish line.

Little things matter, and even the smallest wins are incredibly powerful - celebrate the small victories, dance the dance, give yourself credit. Then win another victory.

Celebrate The Small Victories While Waiting For Big Ones

Without those small steps, without everyday small victories, there are no big ones, so why not give them the attention they deserve. Try to choose something every day that you consider your success and, in the evening, when you go to bed, congratulate yourself, be proud and rejoice in it.

When you start rejoicing and celebrate the small victories, every day will be a "big celebration" for you. And then that race to the finish will be just the icing on the cake of everything you took to get there. You will arrive even if you are not aware of all the "little steps," but this time, when you do, it will feel completely different.

The long-lasting pleasure you strive for will be a daily reminder to celebrate the small victories, to celebrate life.

Ingratitude Makes Us Sleepwalkers

People do not understand that their ingratitude for what they currently have actually "hinders" them from progressing much faster.

Celebrate The Small Victories While Waiting For Big Ones

There is nothing worse than forgetting that you once wanted something so much, which came true, and when it came true, you completely belittled that success with your reaction. "Well, it wasn't anything special anyway, let's move on now," "It was easy, the real success will be when I score …", "This promotion is nothing, only when I'm at the top can I say that everything paid off… "," Oh, little thing, I knew I would make it happen, just to succeed in this and that…".

How much ingratitude there is in these sentences and thoughts. Ungrateful, but if someone took you a few steps back, you would give everything to be in the place you now "belittle." The thing that now looks so simple seemed unattainable once. This shows ingratitude. It makes you unconscious, sleepwalkers.

A man who is not grateful every day of their life for what they have (and not for what they want) is unconscious. If you want a change, if you want a happy and prosperous place for you faster, start being grateful. People who are never satisfied with what they currently have are neither greedy, ambitious, or hostile. They are not appreciative.

Don't take little things for granted. And celebrate the small victories and be grateful for each one of them.

Focus On Your Achievements And Celebrate The Small Victories

Celebrate The Small Victories While Waiting For Big Ones

A grateful person focuses on now, on everything they have, on all those accomplishments and good things that have already happened and are happening. And when your focus is on that, it just grows. It just doubles. If you are grateful every day for your perseverance, you will be even more persistent. If you are grateful for your courage, you will be even braver. If you are thankful for your entrepreneurship, courage, empathy, optimism, you will be more and more like that.

Do many good things every week - from the little things at work to the ones at home and in relationships with people. These are all wins that you need to be grateful for and are a perfect opportunity to learn to celebrate the small victories.

We are the 'creators of meaning' of our lives. If we don't create meaning, appreciate the little things, celebrate the small victories, and mourn our losses, no matter how good we have it, nothing will feel so special.

Gratitude gives you back your focus on all that you are and all that makes you better. Ingratitude and greed result in dissatisfaction, regression, doubt, insecurity.

Celebrate The Small Victories While Waiting For Big Ones

Choose to be grateful, even if you feel that you haven't moved an inch. You will spend an extraordinary life every day looking at your successes and everything you have built. Those who are grateful do not stand. Still, they travel far beyond what their imagination and their ambition could have ever imagined.

Recognize the positive shifts and let them be your guide for a future goal. After all, this is the essence of how to celebrate the small victories in life, as they show that you have stepped out of your comfort zone.

If you want to find happiness, a better life, greater success, build better relationships, remember that you will not find any of that in haste. Live now, today, with a view and thoughts ahead, but grateful for all that has been and for all that you have at the moment.

Be aware of your progress and enjoy every, even the smallest step forward - and celebrate the small victories with the same euphoria as for a big one.