Cats And The Supernatural: Cats Are Considered To Be In Touch With The Spirit Realm

Throughout history, the feline species has been revered with great respect by many different cultures and civilizations. Some cultures have even worshipped the cat as a God-like figure. Why is this?

In general, we don’t discriminate among our pets; we love them all equally, cats, dogs, it doesn’t matter. From a historical standpoint, cats have always been put in a position of superiority above all other animal companions.

Not only are cats loved across most countries and cultures, but they are also revered by many. They are often considered to share a connection with the higher realms and gifted with a paranormal 6th sense that can’t be explained away by science.

Cats’ senses are far more acute and heightened than humans. They display these paranormal abilities more so than any other animal and are unexplainable by humans.

A cat’s senses are so sharp and exact that it makes a human seem like we move at a sluggish pace. A cat’s sense of sight and hearing are so much more heightened than any human’s. They are considered supernatural.

Even using good old science here, a cat’s eyesight wins over on a human’s perception by a long shot! They have the ability to see in the dimmest of lights, and they can also use little or no light and still make things out in the dark. During the day a cat’s eyesight is not as good as human eyesight and their perception of color varies from ours. But come nighttime, they have incredible vision, enabling them to pick up the slightest movements. But that’s not all there is…

Cats can perceive energy fields and auras, which most humans cannot access. They have this ability not only with seeing the aura of those living but those who have passed over to the next realm.

Cats can see clearly the auras of those who have passed in the forms of bright lights or unaccountable shadows. They can see these as clearly as we would see a table or chair in front of us.

This might explain why your cat stares intently at the same spot without moving or making a sound. It’s clear they can see something or someone there that we as humans can’t perceive with our senses.

A cat’s hearing spectrum is phenomenal compared to other species. If you consider how they can track pests like mice/rats that we are oblivious to, yet they track their movements, even from a considerable distance. When it comes to higher-pitched sounds, a cat’s hearing excels, they can hear sounds that are far too high pitched for a human to detect. The shape of a cat’s ear is designed to draw sound into the ear canal; this gives them the ability to identify even the most seemingly insignificant sounds. But the higher the pitch of the sound, the easier it’s detected by a cat.

Cats also can hear paranormal sounds much more sharply than you or I. But possibly, the most significant connection between cats and the paranormal comes from their ability to sense and, in some cases, influence electromagnetic fields.

Any supernatural fan will tell you, electromagnetic fields and their variations are a good source of detecting paranormal activity. Cats have the senses and are tuned in to pick up any slight change in the electromagnetic field. This is also true for sharks; these predators use these senses to pick up and hunt their prey better. They can detect electrical signals in the oceans, helping them hunt effectively. Cats can do the very same thing, making them great hunters.

This all makes it easier for cats to tune into any supernatural activity. Anyone who researches paranormal activity uses a special device to measure EMF to find proof of any entities from other realms. Cats’ built-in EMF sensing ability is far more acute than any man-made machine created.

Along with all this, cats’ own energy and presence are so potent they can influence the electromagnetic fields around them. Cats have a very soothing presence. That’s why for most of us, having cats around is a very calming experience.

Cultures And Their Reverence To Cats

The Egyptians are the first ones to spring to mind; they considered cats as sacred and were placed above priests in terms of reverence. The Ancient Egyptians worshipped a cat goddess called Bastet, which you might recognize represented as half cat, half female. They were considered to protect the soul even in the afterlife. The Chinese also agreed with this and gave them status equal to a Goddess.

In Japanese tradition, cats are seen as a symbol of luck and good fortune. In Europe cats are connected to the protection of life; they killed off rats which were blamed for causing the bubonic plague. They are seen as both guardians of life and a symbol of death.

Next time you see your cat staring mesmerized at “something” you can’t see, who knows what they might be looking at, now, if only cats could talk!