7 Smart Ways To Meet New People As An Introvert

Published in September 2020 / Updated in January 2021
7 smart ways to meet new people as an introvert

“The problem that reserved people often have is contrary to what they believe. It’s not that they’re born less interesting, it’s that they overestimate how interesting attention-seekers are.”

Are You A Victim Of Toxic Positivity?

Published in September 2020 / Updated in December 2020
are you a victim of toxic positivity?

Surprising as this might sound, the most toxic person in your life might be the most positive person you know. Yes, you could be a victim of toxic positivity.

11 Causes Of Rudeness

Published in August 2020 / Updated in December 2020
11 causes of rudeness

Like me, I’m sure you have asked yourself this question: why are some people rude for no apparent reason? You were nice, polite, and weren’t disrespectful in any way, but what you got was toxic rudeness.

See Through Fake People, Woman!

Published in July 2020 / Updated in December 2020
see through fake people, woman!

Today’s modern world creates fake images of people with the help of artificial intelligence, but the real danger lies in the people around us.

Five Tips To Stay Productive Every Day

Published in July 2020 / Updated in December 2020
five tips to stay productive every day

Productivity is arguably one of the most sought after skills of the 21st century. Ground-shaking entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Larry Page have all been accorded with this amazing quality.