Dating & Hooking Up

Don’t Date Anyone Who Stops Choosing You

July 2019

Don’t date anyone unless they keep choosing you. You should be with someone who makes a choice to be with you every single day. So, date someone who never stops making the decision to love you every day. It’s the least you deserve.

Four Things Every Man Wants In A Woman

June 2019

Many women think that men are walking enigmas and that it’s practically impossible to pin down what they want in a woman. While it’s true that men and women will never completely understand each other, you can get close to knowing everything about a man with the right information.

10 Reasons Women Cheat In This Modern Age

June 2019

Don’t think that people who step out on their partners have no idea that what they are doing is way out of line. They know that the relationship might very well come to an end or become completely ruined after an affair.

Why Hopeless Romantics Make The Best Girlfriends

May 2019

While hopeless romantics might be seen as unrealistic and delusional, they can actually make incredible girlfriends. I know this probably sounds a little ironic to you since healthy relationships have to be realistic as well. But if you believe in true love, you will love the following things about having a hopeless romantic for a girlfriend.

This Is What It Means When He Touches You In These 7 Places

May 2019

Your man is attracted to you in a lot of different ways, and he will show this to you through the way he looks at you, what he says to you, and also the way he touches you. However, there are different meanings behind his touches. Here are seven places he will touch you and what it means.