Confessions of a Millionaire’s Mistress


June 2016

We had fought before but never as much as we had this night. I was inebriated, it was the first time I had ever drowned my sorrows in the bottom of a bottle and as dangerous as that path would be to go down…at that moment I didn’t care. I had seen too much, been through too much and felt my heart die in the last few hours. I can’t say what had happened just yet, the story itself is something that will shock many and stun others.


September 2015

As I looked down at my phone with Hugh’s name sitting so innocently on the screen I was filled with an emotion that I had never felt with him before, pure disgust.


August 2015

By the time we had reached the border of the crowd I felt as though all eyes were on us. Hugh grabbed my hand and yanked me behind the black curtain that concealed the backstage area. I knew deep down that people weren’t looking at us but considering the circumstances of our relationship my nerves always managed to bring out the worst in me.


August 2015

As I leant against the balcony, struggling to stand and holding onto the railing for more than just physical support I tried to clear a path in my seriously clouded mind.


July 2015

Something that I hadn’t been able to put in the book was well and truly before Hugh returned but after I had seen the photos and messages on his phone. After I walked back into the bedroom, completely and utterly disgusted in the human being that I had been sleeping next to only a few hours earlier I realised it wasn’t him that I was actually angry with.


October 2014

“Ava, How many times are we going to go over this. I want to be here” As soon as the words came out of his mouth my head was filled with doubts.


April 2014

A night with limited sleep never agrees with me. I guess I am like most people, however when it is night with barely any sleep and my mind has been ticking over relentlessly thinking about something emotional…that takes a toll on every part of me.


March 2014

When neither of us could breathe any longer his lips left mine and a ragged breath followed as he slid his hand from the back of my neck up and gently rubbed his thumb across my cheek, cupping my jaw with the palm of his hand before resting his forehead on my chin.


February 2014

Writing this confession listening to “Everything has changed” by Taylor Swift has really made me think back to this pivotal point in my relationship with Hugh. I cannot say the exact point that we started taking each other for granted so much that our relationship morphed into something so destructive for both parties that we ended up moving further and further apart…but what I can say is that it scared me how much I didn’t know about this man and how much he and I had grown apart.


February 2014

After I decided I wasn’t going to speak to my biological father again and sent him that final message I decided that I still wanted to know my aunt Julie.


February 2014

In my last confession I left you with the last conversation I had with my biological father and a few very amazing memories as well as a few not so nice ones.


January 2014

Sitting here tonight thinking about everything that has happened over the last couple of days has made me really want to get it out. I feel like I am about to break down in tears tonight and the problem is I know exactly what the problem is.


January 2014

To paint a picture for you all I am going to tell you what I am doing right now. It is VERY late at night and I am the only person awake where I am right now.


January 2014

I have to say growing up I had a really good variety in music. My mother used to listen to music that suited her mood at the time and I grew to do the same thing. All of the songs I have previously posted have been songs that I actually have a connection with and really do tell how I feel about a particular situation or time in my life.


January 2014

We both a very strong and deep seeded internal demons that we face on a daily basis and although Maria is older than me I have ALWAYS felt like I had to protect her.