Maddie Clark Is Absolutely To Die For

November 2020
maddie clark is absolutely to die for

As soon as you see her, you will absolutely know for sure why Maddie Clark perfectly fits the description “to die for.” For this girl, a life of fame and adoration has always been beckoning.

Restaurant Owner Reveals How Anthony Bourdain Changed His Life

November 2020
restaurant owner reveals how anthony bourdain changed his life

You don’t have to read dozens of tributes about Anthony Bourdain to know how deeply he touched people’s lives – one inspiring story is all you need. Even though his death was tragic, shocking and enshrouded in mystery, his life was an great inspiration to many, including an adoring Bourdain superfan and restaurant owner.

Emily Sears Will Leave You Jaw Dropped

November 2020
emily sears will leave you jaw dropped

This feature is long overdue, as it’s about a beautiful lady who can brighten your day with her smile, and God knows we need tons of those. Emily Sears has a warm heart and a face that oozes beauty and brilliance.

Lauren Is The Girl Next Door

November 2020
lauren is the girl next door

The holidays are finally here after a tedious and chaotic year that most of us would rather forget. So, why not end it on a positive note by learning more about Lauren van Velzen, a gorgeous 22-year-old lady with drop-dead looks despite her charming girl-next-door appeal.