Cat With Tattoos Is Rescued From Mexican Prison Gangs And Looking For Home

Authorities have rescued a tattooed cat, who was smuggled into a Mexican prison, and are currently searching for a permanent home for the animal.

The one-year-old Sphynx cat was discovered by local police within the confines of the Cereso 3 prison, where it had been mistreated and abused by a criminal gang that had taken to tattooing the unfortunate pet.

Because of the cat's hairless skin, the tattoos are visible on both sides of its slim body.

One of the tattoos on the cat's body reads "Made in Mexico," indicating that it was tattooed in the City of Juarez, Mexico, without the animal's consent.

Following clearance from veterinarians, the cat, who has yet to be named, has been put up for adoption in search of a loving and caring forever home.

Cesar Rene Diaz, the ecology director for the city of Juarez, informed Reuters that "the cat is very social and is in excellent health with no infections."

Sphynx cats are recognized for their friendly and loving demeanor, frequently being compared to dogs because of their loyal companionship, which makes them a beloved and popular pet.

The Sphynx breed is well-known for its unique bald coat, which can feel rubbery or velvet-like depending on its texture. Additionally, the breed has looser skin than other felines, resulting in charming wrinkles around their face and neck areas.

Their lack of fur allows for their bone structure and muscles to be visible, making them a fascinating animal to observe.

Diaz confirmed that the cat can be adopted by someone outside of Mexico, provided they are accredited and willing to provide the necessary care that the feline will require.

The charming cat has gained popularity at the rescue facility where he is being cared for, and many visitors have flocked to take photos of him as he poses nicely for them.

The committee of city authorities will make the final decision on who will adopt the cat, and the announcement of his new family will be made on March 1st.