Cat Sex Is Effectively Torture

Cats are seen as very ancient and wise animals. But what a lot of people don't know is there is a horrifying secret lurking beneath them; cat sex is actually a very painful experience and can be seen as torture. Here's why;

A Cat's Penis Has Spikes On It

Yes! It's true. Male cats have sharp barbed penises to scrape out semen of rival cats. The female cat is drawn to mate by instinct but immediately tries to escape. The reason is, cat sex is very painful.

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All animals are territorial, and ingrained with a need to further their bloodline. When cats mate, the male cats use their barbed penis to push out any of the opposing cat's semen and ensures that only his bloodline continues. The male cat has to bite down on the neck of the female cat to prevent her from escaping.

Imagine having hundreds of tiny, sharp fishhooks scratching against you constantly, and that's what it's like for a female cat.

Why Does This Happen?

Now, there is a reason for this. Cat ovulation happens about 50 hours after mating. Male cats use their barbed penis to scrape out the semen of rival cats and ensure the continuation of their bloodline. Due to this, many kittens in the same litter will have multiple fathers.

In fact, this particular feature is very important in the mating process, which cannot be completed without it. The scraping releases a particular hormone in the female that is necessary for starting the ovulation process. As mating may not be immediately successful, cats have to mate multiple times to the discomfort of the female.

Cat Sex Hurts the Female

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This makes the experience very painful and displeasing for female cats. So, every time you make your cat has sex, this is what you put them through. Just imagine having little knives brushing against you.

As you can probably already tell, this is not at all pleasing to the females. Unfortunately, the mating season for cats lasts for over eight months, from January to August. Female cats can mate as young as a year old, some even younger.

However, this painful mating process is both competitive and effective and ensures that only the best genes get passed on to the next generation.


Barbed penises are a feature of most members of the Felidae family, which includes all cat species, lions, tigers, cougars, lynxes, jaguars, leopards – all have barbed penises. Cats can mate multiple times within a short period.

So next time you see a female cat struggling to get out of mating, now you know why. Though the process is painful, and by no means, enjoyable, it is necessary for the continued life of the species.