'Cash Me Outside Girl' Got Into A Fight With Another Rapper And Got Beaten Up

Danielle Bregoli, aka 'Cash me outside' girl, has broken her silence on the fight between her and Woah Vicky. She's denying getting 'beat up' by the rival rapper.

Danielle, whose real name is Bhad Bhabie, rose into fame in 2016 when she appeared on Dr.Phil's episode. This came after she altered the now-popular phrase, "Cash me outside, how bout dat?" when she was rebelling against her mom.

Since then, she has been growing her online fan base, both as an actress and a semi-competent rapper.

Despite her growing popularity, she has a long beef with rapper Woah Vicky and late last month, they had a confrontation captured on camera.

A Footage shows Danielle being pinned down by her rival rapper onto a sofa and being punched several times.

This incident reportedly took place at a recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday, October 30, after Bhad Bhabie "pulled up" on Woah Vicky.

Speaking about the shocking incidence, Bhad Bhabie told her Instagram followers:

"Why don't you just pull up with no dudes ... nobody holding nobody back lol have fun editing your video."

"Y'all see shorty holding my hair, what are y'all tryna prove you see dude holding us back. I told her to pull up where I'm at by herself and she won't."

In a run-on sentence, she claimed that she actually won the fight:

"I'm not even engaging in this bs no more anyone who says I got beat up is delusional this girl ain't hit me one time she grabbed my hair and somehow ended up on top of me the whole time my face stayed untouched, not even a lash missing."

Bhad Bhabie is now furious with the men who defended Woah Vicky. They can be seen in the footage holding Bhabie back, preventing her from retaliating and attacking Vicky.

She claimed on social media:

"If extra people are involved and you ain't even punch nobody that ain't no fight baby girl. I want you by yourself!"

Woah Vicky also addressed the confrontation and wrote on Instagram:

"I don't go back and forth on the internet… real b*****s don't get into dat."

It's believed the two have been locked in a feud for some time, amid claims that Bhad Bhabie used a "racially derogatory term" to describe one of Vicky's friends.

In April 2018, they got into a physical confrontation in Los Angeles at The Americana and The Brand.