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Carrot Cake Oreos Are Now Available Year 'Round, So Say Hello To Your New Favorite Dessert

Carrot Cake Oreos Are Now Available Year ‘round, So Say Hello To Your New Favorite Dessert

Happiness comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes, so if you're a true Oreo lover, here is some great news, that should, at least, put a smile on your face!

The previous year was significant in the Oreo world. We got to taste 13 new and improved cookies, from S'Mores Oreo to Instagram's favorite Carrot Cake Oreos. Sure, they might not be utterly delightful as these cookies with peanut butter, but they are in close, second place.


Now, here's the thing with Oreo tastes. They come as limited editions, and we are left wondering if we will ever taste our beloved cookies again. We experience it every day with limited makeup products, but it's different when it comes to anything sugary. It's food, after all, so we want to have options.

Before you order a whole bunch of Carrot Cake Oreos, which will be out for Easter, you don't have to buy the entire store. These cookies are here to stay. The golden Oreos will save you from making a carrot cake, which is what Easter is all about. More importantly, they will continue to be comfort food in many years to come. Hopefully.


It's interesting that the Carrot Cale Oreos came to life because of one suggested flavor for a My Oreo Creation Contest. In case you're bored at home, you might want to try out some tastes, and send your ideas to the company. You might just surprise the world and make it sweeter with your creation.

If you missed it the first time around, these Oreos are filled with cream cheese frosting flavor crème. Personally, I like to eat them with milk. It doesn't sound like a good idea, but somehow it works. The cookies melt in your mouth, and you have a feeling you are in a carrot, creamy paradise.


Since we are all trying our best to nail the quarantine life, it's good that you can order the cookies. It doesn't seem like much, but having your beloved comfort food, will do wonders for your mood.

For the price of 2.99USD, you can have them delivered from Target. But, since they are high in demand at the moment, you should hurry. Or, wait until everyone gets their share. These bad boys aren't going anywhere!


Let's leave you with a question: which Oreos were the best ever? And which ones were the worst? Share your opinions!