Carer's Boyfriend Who She's Never Seen Outside Of Jail Sends Her Gifts From Prison

A carer regularly gets gifts from a prisoner who was put behind bars for serial burglary. She is in love with the man and has already tattooed his initials on her chest.

The young woman, Breah, seems pretty proud of the relationship, and she even shared a TikTok video about their romance before she ever met the man in person.

Breah Sutton is 21, and she has been talking to her convict boyfriend, Harley Webb, since August last year. Harley is 31, and she began dating him because Breah's friend was also dating an inmate.

Her friend's boyfriend had asked if she had any friends for his burglar friend, and Breah turned out to be that friend.

The two have so far shared tons of messages. They have also been exchanging gifts, including designer presents.

Harley's dad has even sent a French Bulldog puppy to Breah.

Trolls have labeled Breah a gold digger, and she has something to say to them. The Wiltshire resident argues that people are one-sided in their view of the relationship.

Breah explained that she also spoils her boyfriend and has bought him clothes he will wear once he is released from prison.

She admits that after she met him, the critics have backed off considerably. Apparently, they have realized that this is not just a fling but a fully-fledged romantic affair.

Carer's Boyfriend Who She's Never Seen Outside Of Jail Sends Her Gifts From Prison

Breah admits that although her friends support her decision to date a convict, they might not understand her reasoning until they finally get to meet him themselves.

She says that many people have warned her that her boyfriend probably talks to lots of girls as a way to get some cash while in jail. For Breah, these accusations are annoying and demonstrate how close-minded people can get.

As far as she is concerned, she would already know if that were the case because her videos go viral. So, she is confident that Harley is only talking to her and other girls, as people claim.

Harley was put behind bars back in April 2017, and he was supposed to spend four years in prison. However, his sentence was extended by 26 months after he was found guilty of two counts of "putting a person in fear of violence" after sending threats to two women.

For that reason, instead of getting released in February this year, he will allegedly be set free in January 2022, according to Breah.

Breah saw him physically for the first time in October last year when they had their first video call.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, prison visits were banned for several months, as Breah and Harley dated. However, the two were finally able to meet in person in May of this year.

Carer's Boyfriend Who She's Never Seen Outside Of Jail Sends Her Gifts From Prison

At the time, they had been dating for eight months.

Breah had to travel for 7 hours to see her boyfriend at Elmley Prison for their first meeting, and she has been doing it every week. They also speak about 15 times a day on the phone for up to 20 minutes at a time.

She admits that the experience was scary. However, she still enjoyed it, and during the visit, he reached out his hand and touched her hand, which was the first form of physical contact they shared.

The couple also stays in touch through cards and letters.

Carer's Boyfriend Who She's Never Seen Outside Of Jail Sends Her Gifts From Prison

Breah was attracted to Harley as she decided to get a tattoo of his initials on her chest just before their first physical meeting. She wanted to show the tattoo to him as a surprise.

When Harley saw the tattoo, he was incredibly moved, and tears welled in his eyes. He immediately expressed a wish to do the same, although his current circumstances can't afford him the opportunity to return the lovely gesture.

When asked why she would do something as drastic as getting his tattoo, Breah admitted that she is already in love with him:

"I got it on the side of my chest, near the heart, that's where I wanted it to be."