Cardi B Reportedly Makes $8 Million Per Month On OnlyFans

Cardi B could live off of OnlyFans if she wanted to, as she’s now making $8 million per month on the platform. And she’s not even the highest-earner!

Cardi B knows how to make money. She has landed multiple #1 hits on Billboard and prime spots on film and television.

And now she’s taking her valuable brand to OnlyFans.

cardi b reportedly makes  million per month on onlyfans

While she joined the platform in August this year, she quickly became one of the platform’s top earners.

Recently, Rapper Casanova posted—and deleted—a graphic showing off celebrities earning the most money on OnlyFans.

Casanova is racking in just under $1 million a month, ranking as the tenth highest-earning celebrity. However, it’s the stars at the top of the list that are opening eyes.

Blac Chyna is the #1 star on the site earning the highest. She’s bagging a whopping $20 million per month.

Well, that’s… absolutely insane considering the current economic waves.

However, it’s unclear where these figures are coming from. But if they are legit, then Blac is on pace to become a billionaire in the next half-decade. That’s if her subscribers stay solid.

On the second rank is Bella Throne, who sparked controversy by earning $1 million on her first day on OnlyFans.

And then, there’s Cardi B as the #3 top earner, making more than $8 million on the uncensored site.

cardi b reportedly makes  million per month on onlyfans

Cardi B’s Net Worth

Her OnlyFans earnings are going to boost her already sizable fortune. According to Capital Xtra, Cardi B has an estimated net worth of $24 million.

Most of the earnings come from her music and various endorsement deals with brands such as Pepsi & Balenciaga.

cardi b reportedly makes  million per month on onlyfans

According to MBW, however, OnlyFans could be one of the major sources of her income yet.

Cardi B Joined OnlyFans for a Specific Purpose

At first, it seemed like Cardi B was just joking about signing up for OnlyFans.

But she confirmed the idea in Power 106 radio interview—and other stations— while promoting WAP.

cardi b reportedly makes  million per month on onlyfans

She also hinted that she’d use the platform to address rumors and share other topics about her life.

And while we all know Cardi B for her provocative music, she told her followers that the account isn’t for sexual purposes.

She confirmed that she’d not post nudity and instead focus on answering questions from fans.

She assured:

I’m thinking about putting more personal content there – personal, but nothing sexual or anything.

cardi b reportedly makes  million per month on onlyfans

Other topics the rapper has covered on the platform include motherhood, music career, personal life, and recent surgery.

She also teased about having guests on her OnlyFan account so she can conduct interviews and ‘help fans deal with bad situations.’