Cardi B Catches Heat After Fan Shares They Tipped Her $800 On OnlyFans

cardi b catches heat after fan shares they tipped her $800 on onlyfans

A fan tipped Cardi B $800 to show the star their undying love and to get a moment of her attention. Twitter users, however, were unimpressed.

A More Than Generous Tip

Devoted fans go to great lengths to get the attention of their favorite celebrities, like the person who tipped Cardi B $800 on OnlyFans. Adding $100 at a time, the loyal follower hoped that the rapper would notice them. The person wrote on Twitter:

"@iamcardib is $800 not enough to notice me we love you".

In recent months, the artist reached the top of the Billboard charts with her single WAP, featuring Megan Thee Stallion. Yet, as a true hustler at heart, she is always working hard to increase her earnings and to that end opened an OnlyFans account.

cardi b catches heat after fan shares they tipped her $800 on onlyfans
cardi b catches heat after fan shares they tipped her $800 on onlyfans

Twitter Users Criticise Cardi B

Noticing the generous tip, the rapper retweeted the message from her fan with the text "Hi baby." Other people on Twitter, though, were not so positive about the situation.

Many argued that OnlyFans should be a platform for regular people to make an income, not another cash machine for the rich. Especially during a pandemic, celebrities should step aside and stop stealing attention from other content creators.

Not The First Celebrity Messing Up

The memories of Bella Thorne causing trouble to other OnlyFans creators are still fresh. The actress hinted at some spicy pictures she would share, only to disappoint her followers.

Her actions prompted the platform to change its policies, delaying the release of funds. For many creators, this was a tough hit, and they did not feel too happy about the star's behavior.

It is no surprise, then, that the attitude towards celebrities taking over OnlyFans is not particularly positive. Here are some of the reactions Cardi B received on Twitter:

Only time can tell what the future of the platform will look like. For now, it still seems like the rich and famous are on OnlyFans to stay.