Capricorns And Dating: What To Know, What To Expect, What To Do

Capricorns And Dating: What To Know, What To Expect, What To Do

Where to begin? Seriously, where should I begin? If a Capricorn has their eyes on you, consider yourself lucky. Honestly, I envy you.

By dating a Capricorn, you have already ticked the boxes on strong parenting skills and amazing long-term partners off your lengthy 'perfect spouse' checklist.

Tread lightly though. And pray to God you are a good fit for them. Because heaven help you if you aren't, a Capricorn will drop you with seemingly no hesitation and move on and forget about you.

Anyway, moving on.

Brace yourself for a Capricorn's boundless energy. This zodiac sign relishes competitions, loves arguments, and has an undying desire to win.

As for sexual appeal, they are also equal parts bold and subtle. For those who can read between the lines, that means lots of surprises.

But although they make amazing long-term partners, they will have multiple trades, careers, tricks, interests and everything in between.

What Does It Take?

So, what does a Capricorn partner expect of you? That's probably why you are here, right? That's fine. You're right where you need to be.

Capricorns want someone they can love.

On top of this, throw in being a good potential parent, genuine interest in accompanying them to their parties, and the ability to hold an intellectual discussion and you are in.

It would help if you were down for matching t-shirts too. Yep, this might seems like being a bad case of an obnoxious couple to some of us, but it's part of the deal if you want a Capricorn in your life.

Be warned. A Capricorn will look past appearances. As in, try to try to see who you really are. But make no mistakes about it-your status in society matters to a Capricorn.

Breakups and Capricorns

A Capy is the quintessential social drinker, and you better be of a similar bent to get along and stand a chance with them. They don't drink for the heck of it, but to create some great times.

In bars, you are likely to find them engrossed in board games, throwing darts, or partaking in other adventures as they sip on their favorite adult drinks.

A Capricorn is in their element when there are many delights around them. Take it from me. This makes them amazing friends. I should know. Some of my best pals are Capricorns.

However, it makes them complicated. Their love for these settings makes it challenging to figure whether they are into you.

But, there is one foolproof thing that can tell you if a Capricorn loves you: time. Time will tell if you have a place in a Capricorn's heart.

And while we are on the subject of love and Capricorns, understand that Capricorns are the take-charge personalities you always hear about. They hold nothing back when showing their love and will even bend over backward to prove their love when they fancy you.

But… pay close attention please

If you are the one doing all the impressing, then it might be time to stop and think. Something might not be feeling right for them, which is why they have assumed a passive role. What could make this worse is that a Capricorn might not break up easily with you, especially if you have known each other for quite a while already.

In some ways, Capricorns are slaves to tradition. Let's not forget that Capricorn is an earth sign, like Virgo and Taurus. And so, some practicality will matter to them. There is nothing wrong with that, I guess, but it makes them stubborn.

Attracting a Capricorn

Let me set the scene for you. You have your eye on a Capricorn crush. You have no idea how to make a move. How do you go about it?

Let's stop there for a moment.

First of all, to nab a Capricorn, or any other star sign for any matter, understand their bait.

So, the question becomes, what attracts a Capricorn? It's simple, two things: thoughts and feelings.

Case in point: these are the kinds of people who will leave a table at a restaurant and find another because it did not 'feel right.'

They may love to interact with all kinds of people, but only one sort of person really touches the Capricorn heart.

So, don't let their effortless interactions with the quirky, the ridiculously smart, the normal people, and every other kind of person you can think of make you think it does not take much to charm your way into a Capricorn's heart.

They don't like it when anyone gets sidelined, that's all

And so, besides being in touch with your feelings, you should be open-minded and a strong thinker, and full of great humor.

The classic feminine or masculine characteristics will also work in your favor as you date a Capricorn. So, embrace conservatism.

Otherwise, if you straddle both genders, you might not stand a very good chance with a Capricorn, even though you might have a good time socializing with them. At heart, these guys are traditional; and they have little interest in challenging established gender norms.

Does A Capricorn Like Me? How To Tell

A Capricorn can't seem to get enough of you? Then there's the first sign a Capricorn likes you. To a Capricorn, time is precious. And so, if they can spend it with you, then you mean a lot to them.

Remember that they have a lot of things they can do with their time, including playing games, casual drinking, or going on adventures.

But don't always count on this time being exclusive private moments together. You might even get invited to a party. Spoiler alert! It's a test. The wily Capricorn wants to see how you interact with people in such settings.

Be interesting too, and we are not talking about being a village clown. What you need is some edge to you while maintaining some sophisticated mystery about you.

If you don't drink, then you might not even show up on a Capricorn's radar. Having a good drinking buddy is part of the deal for them and falling short of this requirement might be a deal-breaker.

Don't Get It Twisted

But when it's all said and done, when a Capricorn keeps inviting you out, don't pass up on the chances. Even if it does not lead to a steaming hot romantic story, you will tell your grandkids someday. You will have one hell of a good time.

These noble souls don't want your time to go to waste. They want you to enjoy yourself, and that makes them charming because they will ensure you get a good time.

That is why you can easily consider yourself their friend when you are not. But don't judge. They don't do this on purpose.

Sometimes, they are blind to how friendly and flirtatious they are. They do it to give you a good time. You cannot be with a Capricorn and feel left out. That's for sure, whether or not they want you as a lover.