Capricorn In 2019

22 December – 20 January

Doing what you know best while making clever changes helps you surge ahead. The game of life is about to get more joyful and intriguing…

Home and Family

With Venus in your zone of home and family, having a clear-out in February could lead to a few old treasures resurfacing, and cash can be made from garage sales and eBay. Hold fire on house moves or extensions in March and early April, as Venus, the planet of wealth and beauty starts spinning backward in the heavens signaling setbacks to financial and beautifying projects. However, it’s a good time to research house prices, the best areas to live in, and draw up plans for any changes at home. Once you have a solid plan, spring into action again from the beginning of May. Someone in your clan could also discover a hidden talent as the year progresses. That should get everyone talking and singing their praises, and you of course may feel proud as punch.

Love and Friendship

Your confidence levels should be soaring as the year bursts into life. The opposite sex could look on in delight as you walk around with your head held high and full of grace. Whether you are attached or single, the person in your life, or around you, may well be fascinated, attracted, and want more of you. The thing is, you can see a whole new world of possibilities before you, thanks to Pluto moving forward again in your sign. You’ll doubtless be looking for someone special to stand firm by your side, encouraging you all the way. They will need to be more than a little bit ambitious to make you lose your heart hook, line, and sinker. Whether single or attached, beautiful and fruitful partnerships are the order of the day, and you deserve no less!

Cash and Career

The sky is the limit if you choose to reach for it. This year could see you weighing up what you have and what you could have if everything went to plan. While there may be an urge to make changes, guaranteed success is your goal, so you probably won’t overstretch yourself. Nevertheless, what can you achieve in terms of public image and cash flow should please you? March and June could bring financial fortune, so jump at chances to boost your coffers. September is great for joining forces on a business venture or moneymaking deal.

Top 3 Tips

  1. It’s futile to resist change when it keeps knocking at your door
  2. Commit to a year of research or study
  3. It’s time to change your money mindset

Diary Entries 2019


Tender words touch your soul. Open your heart to love and make decisions based on kindness


Unexpected expenses crop up linked to your home or past. You’ll feel less fettered when you cut ties and move on.


Pressure from other people increases when you choose to walk your own path. Ignore your heart at your peril.


It’s not selfish to pursue what you really want in life. Lay down the ground rules now and learn to trust your instincts. Be brave and confident.


Build strong foundations to keep you safe when you launch the rocket of your next major goal.


If a new work opportunity arises, don’t think twice. This is your time for an important upgrade, so say yes.


When your life changes, it has a ripple effect on your close relationships. Decide what stays and what goes.


If money is causing you a headache, shift your perspective to view your situation more positively.


Bok a vacation unless you’re on the move with work. Do the opposite of your usual routine.


Widen your social circle to make new friends – people who enrich your life, emotionally, mentally, and intellectually.


Your excavations into the past are complete. Learn from what you’ve discovered.


Keep quiet about your plans. It may be unnerving, but you’re ready to announce your new position in life.