Can't Get Over Baby Fever? Focus On The Earth Dying

Can’t Get Over Baby Fever? Focus On The Earth Dying

Babies are the best thing ever. They are cute, soft, and angelic. There are always hard to ignore especially as a young woman of childbearing age. Sometimes as a young woman, you suddenly have an obsessive desire to have a baby- this is usually termed as baby fever. Sometimes, this desire is caused by a recent birth of a baby around you, pictures on social media, or even while watching movies and it's very hard to get over the baby fever. But in reality, babies are a lot more. They say that every human has two faces and babies are the same. So, when that baby fever starts kicking in, think of the following things:

Remember the earth is gradually dying

Even though babies smell nice and you naturally want to cuddle them and bring them into the world. Think about the extreme weather events you are facing and the number of deaths caused by them recently. Since the late 1800s, the last five years have been the five warmest which means soon. We should be expecting boiling oceans. As of last year, rising tide and extreme weather killed almost 250 Americans, and raising a child under these threatening conditions is not nice at all. Studies have shown that New York City could have the climate of Arkansas by 2080 which means less walking outside, more heat, and an uncomfortable baby. Remember, too much heat is bad for the baby's skin. You don't want that soft skin looking red and sore.

Babies are really really loud

Due to the rise in automobile creation and population, noise pollution has increased rapidly and most time, to avoid this you stay indoors in the office or at home. But imagine having a very portable automobile that is very hard to shut up following you everywhere, I mean everywhere- bathroom, office, kitchen bedroom. You would be deprived of your precious sleep and quiet. All you would have is a banging head and sore eyes. So, if your hormones are still crying, remember the sleep you would be deprived of.

They are mess makers

Think of your newly furnished rooms or kitchen messed up with poop, pee, vomit, and food. I know, right? You don't like that picture you just thought of. So when you think of having a baby, I advise you to have a rethink. You don't want your home looking messed up all the time.

Less free time

You wouldn't have time to read your favorite books, watch your most anticipated movie, get your nails done, check out the new album by your favorite artists, or even eat launch with friends. All you would do is sleep during any free time. Babies want all your attention 90.8% of the time so you only have 0.02% to yourself. That's if you ain't rubbed of this too.

So, when your ovaries keep screaming for babies, meditate on these let's see if the baby fever doesn't leave instantly.