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Cannabis Helps Women Have MULTIPLE Orgasms Per Sexual Encounter

The use of cannabis may play a role in increasing the likelihood of multiple orgasms in women, as fewer than half of women report achieving climax during sexual encounters.

A recent survey involving a large number of participants indicated that women who use cannabis prior to sexual activity or masturbation may have an enhanced ability to achieve orgasm during each encounter.

Research conducted by scientists in North Carolina suggests that cannabis may be effective in treating sexual dysfunctions in women, as the drug's ability to promote relaxation and enhance desire may lead to improved sexual experiences.


According to the study, over 70% of the participants - both male and female - reported experiencing an increase in sexual satisfaction after using cannabis.

It is thought that the relaxation effect associated with cannabis use is caused by THC, one of the plant's most well-known cannabinoids.

The chemical structure of THC is similar to anandamide, a neurotransmitter that sends chemical signals between nerve cells in the nervous system.


These neurotransmitters have an impact on brain regions that control pleasure, memory, focus, movement, and the perception of time and sensation.

Due to its similar structure, THC is able to interact with the body and disrupt normal brain communication.

"Overall, cannabis use tends to have a positive influence on perceived sexual functioning and satisfaction for individuals despite gender or age and cannabis might help to decrease gender disparities in sexual pleasure." The researchers mentioned this in the study which was published in the Journal of Cannabis Research.


Scientists from East Carolina University and North Carolina State University conducted the research in order to gain insight into the effects of cannabis on sexual functioning and satisfaction.

The study included both men and women as participants, however, the researchers noted that women tend to have less consistent orgasmic experiences.

"While more than 90 percent of men report usually experiencing orgasm during sex, less than 50 percent of women regularly experience orgasm during intercourse and only six percent reported always experiencing an orgasm during sex," reads the study.


The study also examined the effects of cannabis on touch, taste, and smell, which are known to play a significant role in sexual encounters.

Over 70% of the participants reported an increase in touch and taste sensitivity after using cannabis, which may lead to improved sexual function and satisfaction, particularly for women, as these senses play a significant role in sexual activity.


The participants were also asked about their masturbation habits.

The participants were asked 3 questions: whether they engage in masturbation if they use cannabis before masturbation, and if so, the effects of cannabis on pleasure during the activity.


Around 88% of the participants reported engaging in masturbation, and 76% of those participants said they used cannabis prior to the act. Of that group, 62% reported experiencing intense orgasms.

Another discovery was that intense orgasms only occurred when cannabis was deliberately used prior to sexual activity.

"These results may be because of the mental mindset that using cannabis will increase pleasure due to the aphrodisiac notions of cannabis rather than a true physiological effect," the researchers wrote in the study.


"However, the relaxation effects of cannabis may contribute to increased desire or reduced inhibitions that might contribute to increased sexual functioning and satisfaction."