Can You Tell Why This Weird Picture Of A Family Sitting On A Bench Is Going Viral?

Optical illusions come in many shapes and forms. Some display a family photograph, while others challenge you to find something hidden. Some images were never intended to deceive you in the first place. This photograph of a family falls into the last category.

Before we start, picture puzzles are an excellent way to train our brains to be more observant. However, sometimes we may notice things that we shouldn't. This image of a family is both a brain teaser and somewhat eerie. Therefore, consider yourself forewarned!

Here Is The Seemingly Normal Picture Of A Family

It all appears to be an innocent family photo captured on a lovely day. They all appear to be smiling happily at the camera. Nevertheless, there's something that could fit better in this picture.

Did you spot that something? Interestingly, children tend to notice it very easily. However, with adults, quite a few have had difficulty finding it. But once they did see it, they were all left bewildered.

The Bizarre Addition

If you still need to find it, look at the smallest child on the left side of the picture. She looks adorable, doesn't she? But examine her shoulder and see for yourself:

Did you see a hand there? Now, see if you can spot everyone else's hand. Do you understand why this family picture is peculiar?

To clarify, the mothers' hands are used to hold the infant. The older sister has her hands in her lap. And the father is too far away to be resting one hand on the shoulder of the leftmost child.

So, who does that hand belong to? This eerie question has caused this seemingly ordinary family photo to go viral. People have come up with several theories. One suggests that the family photo has been edited using Photoshop. Others believe that it's a genuinely supernatural photo. Another theory proposes that the eldest child is a later addition; therefore, it's the mother's hand from the original photo.

So, what do you think? Is it human trickery, or is there something more in the picture than meets the eye? What would anyone even gain from deceiving others with this photo?