Can You Spot A Covert Introvert Narcissist? If Not, Here Are The Signs To Look Out For

Can You Spot A Covert Introvert Narcissist? If Not, Here Are The Signs To Look Out For

Narcissists are popular for their larger-than-life personalities and towering egos. But there is a stealthier and equally dangerous tribe of narcissists-the covert introvert narcissists.

These guys hide their smug aggression and ill-will beneath layers of introversion.

The introvert narcissist is just as dangerous as the more popular, outspoken sort. This person will manipulate, seek attention, and ultimately harm anyone who gets too close.

Experts have called them covert narcissists, or closeted narcissists.

But don't think every introverted person is a narcissist.

You will know the difference based on the effect the person will have on those around them. If people around this introvert are often insecure and off-balance, then that's probably an introvert narcissist.

That's just one sign, here are more.

1. Poor Or Difficult Relationships

A narcissist cannot connect easily or genuinely with people. That is why they are smug and aloof to conceal this deep flaw. That is also why they choose careers that allow them to avoid people such as in technology, games, and social networking.

2. Passive-Aggressive Behaviors

An introverted narcissist will not outrightly disagree or protest against you. Instead, they will be passive-aggressive. For instance, you can talk them into doing something, and they agree, but then act like you never had that conversation. You can also ask them to stop doing something you don't like to you, and they agree, but do the complete opposite.

3. Superiority/Subtle Smugness

While extrovert narcissists will go all out to prove how better compared to every other person on the planet, introverted narcissists do not overtly display their superiority. In fact, if you don't interact with them too much, you might never learn they suffer from an unhealthy dose of superiority complex. They listen, which is rare for narcissists.

But even while listening, they will often be aloof and detached, and you will also notice a hint of condescension, boredom, and general lack of attention and interest in what you are saying. This is usually a cover for their vulnerability since they cannot connect well with other people.

4. High Sensitivity

Introverted narcissists, like their extroverted counterparts, cannot handle criticism. They can completely shut down and withdraw or get very dismissive and irritated when you criticize them.

5. Self-Absorbed

Although withdrawn from everyone else, an introvert narcissist will often shut out other people with little regard for what they can offer. They will only pay attention when you are saying what they would agree with and consider everything else boring and stupid.

6. Lacking In Empathy

This trait is common to all narcissists. They will never care about your feelings or situation. Even when they do things that hurt others, they will focus on their own needs and dismiss everyone else's.

7. They Are Always "Misunderstood"

Introverted narcissists are so special that everyone misunderstands them. The reason other people oppose or go against them is because they are "too smart," or "so unique, few people figure them out."

If you thought all narcissists go around displaying their delusions of grandeur, now you know better. There is a silent breed of narcissists that is more introverted. They can be just as damaging to your mental health and self-esteem. So, get out of their way if you can.