Can You Get An Engagement Ring For Your Man?


In heterosexual couples, we have always seen men getting down on one knee and proposing to their other half. Society's idea of the "perfect proposal" involves men spending thousands of dollars on an engagement ring for women.

But what if you want to disrupt the status quo and follow the unorthodox approach of proposing to your man? As a modern couple, this can be a power move to challenge gender norms.

According to Zola, only 2% of women propose to their partner with an engagement ring. Zola's president, Rachel Jarrett, states that we fight for equality, yet we cling to an inherent tradition of men proposing to women.

Do you resonate with this? In that case, you will need ring ideas for your man. This blog will discuss everything related to male engagement rings.

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Needless to say, women have thousands of engagement ring varieties available. For example, Leibish's woman diamond rings collection has gold, silver, and rose gold bands with 60 GIA-certified designs. Individuals can get a lifetime warranty and global shipping as well. Colorless diamonds offer a unique vintage essence, especially in couture and halo designs.

That being said, men's engagement ring designs are gaining momentum. The engagement ring retailers can expect a CAGR growth of 5.8% in the engagement ring market for both men and women.

Perspectives have shifted, and society can see men wearing engagement rings. Famous personalities like Justin Bieber, Dwayne Johnson, and Joe Jonas wear them to symbolize their love.

Of course, it is a man's personal choice. You should not force your beloved to wear them. Men have become fashion-forward, and they should choose to wear engagement rings as a symbol of commitment. Moreover, the traditional proposal method is changing, and you can take advantage of that.

How to Buy the Ring for Your Man?

You should channel your creativity and your man's liking to buy the ring. For example, choose a classic band if they like a simple look. But, if they prefer stylish designs, you can choose a diamond ring.

But before you get to that stage, you must first analyze these:

- Set an engagement ring budget based on your monthly income.

- Use comparing and finger-measuring tactics to secretly measure his finger.

- Stick to simplicity, functionality, and personalization when choosing the ring.

Furthermore, you can choose an edgy design. It should have a comfortable fit and a fine-cut edge. Some male engagement rings have initials engraved at the back of the band.

If your man has an active lifestyle choose sturdy materials for the band like titanium or platinum. A small diamond ring would be a convenient choice for your man. Remember, men might not like the big statement engagement rings that women do.

Popular Ring Designs That Your Man Might Like

You should try to find a perfect ring based on your man's likes and dislikes. We have come a long way and there are various men's ring options when compared to 20 years ago. Some popular designs include:

- Simple bands are a classic and would be perfect for traditionalists.

- Textured rings are great for a casual look.

- Black metal rings would be a good choice for a masculine essence.

Additionally, you should choose precious metals like platinum, gold, tungsten, cobalt, or titanium as per the ring type. Choose polishes that are either matte, hammered, or engraved.

Inspiration From Male Celebrities Who Wear Engagement Rings

Male A-list actors, athletes, and musicians are seen wearing beautiful rings to signify their commitment to their other half. They prove how dashing and fashionable men can look while wearing rings. Some male celebrities who wear rings are:

- Chris Hemsworth wears a classic wide band made from platinum.

- Brooklyn Beckham proudly shows off his dazzling diamond band.

- Justin Beiber famously wears an extravagant 18-carat gold band.

- Ryan Renolds has a stylish yet simple yellow-gold band.

- Char DeFrancesco never takes off his 17-carat sparkling emerald-cut eternity ring.

- Nick Jonas is famously seen wearing his 18-carat gold band.

Furthermore, John Legend wears a diamond wedding ring having a classic pave diamond set. Russell Wilson has a mixed-metal band that looks vintage. On the other hand, Offset and Gucci Mane are not afraid to flaunt their extra big diamond rings.

The Bottom Line

Women can get down on one knee and propose to their significant other. However, the ring selection process needs to be intricate. The market has changed, so you will find various male diamond engagement ring options.

To buy a ring, you must first measure your partner's finger, understand their likes, and then adjust your budget. Consequently, you can choose textured, simple, or black rings based on your man's personality. It is best to stick to sturdy metals like platinum or titanium for the band.

Celebrities like Chris Hemsworth, Justin Bieber, and Ryan Renolds wear simple, vintage, or classic wedding bands. The majority of engaged or married male celebrities wear simple bands that are not extra.

You are now ready to propose to the love of your life.