Can An Empath Destroy A Narcissist?

Can An Empath Destroy A Narcissist?

Narcissists love empaths for their ability to give without asking for anything in return. Empaths are often narcissists' easiest victims, but if you have never imagined you would ever see an empath destroy a narcissist, keep reading.

It is a well-known fact that narcissists never have partners - they have victims. So, narcissists are drawn to empaths because they can take advantage of them.

Sadly, many empaths are usually at the mercy of their narcissistic captors. The question we are going to address today is, can an empath destroy a narcissist? The answer might surprise you.

Yes, An Empath Can Destroy A Narcissist

Can An Empath Destroy A Narcissist?

Low self-esteem is one of the most common problems among average empaths. Such people are easy to gaslight and mess around with. This is the reason many empaths are easily manipulated by narcissists.

However, empaths don't always have to lose against these toxic people. Still, to overcome a narcissist as an empath, you will need to be a special kind of empath known as a super empath.

When an empath is sensitive to their environment, intuitive, and self-aware, they can easily overcome a narcissist. This kind of empath doesn't stand for a narcissist's antics. They can see through the toxic mind games and avoid the temptation to be easy prey.

So, however good a narcissist might be at reeling in vulnerable empaths, they will have no such luck with this special breed of empaths. In short, there are situations where you will observe an empath destroy a narcissist in no time because the empath knows their worth.

So, if you are wondering in what ways an empath can destroy a narcissist, here are some options.

1. Detect And Avoid Manipulation

Can An Empath Destroy A Narcissist?

Due to their willingness to accommodate everyone, including narcissists, empaths are often underestimated. However, beneath that good-natured exterior lies an amazing ability to understand a narcissist's ulterior motives.

By refusing to be naive and gullible, this person can intuitively understand that they are being taken for a ride. They can feel that something is wrong even though it might not seem like it.

So, you can expect to see an empath destroy a narcissist whenever they are quick enough to see past the narcissist's friendly facade.

2. A Healthy Sense Of Self-Worth

Can An Empath Destroy A Narcissist?

There is no doubt that an average empath's low self-esteem is the reason many narcissists love to exploit these considerate people. Therefore, a narcissist who meets an empath with high self-esteem and a strong sense of self-worth is in for a lot of disappointment.

The reason you will often watch a self-confident empath destroy a narcissist stems from the fact that this potential victim knows who they are. Even when told by the narcissist they are crazy, they know they are not, and that is not something a narcissist can change.

3. Good Listening Skills And Ability To Recall Minor Details

Can An Empath Destroy A Narcissist?

In most cases, you will see an empath destroy a narcissist by leveraging two very important skills - good listening skills, and good memory.

Narcissists might think they are smarter than everyone else, but they have nothing on confident empaths. Since these folks care so much about other people, they tend to hear and remember details many people miss after listening to people.

Since narcissists say whatever will get them what they want, they don't care whether they are lying or telling the truth. However, empaths do, and they will know they are being manipulated by narcissists due to their contradictory statements.

For instance, a narcissist will shower you with praises because they want a favor from you and then turn around and take back all the good things they said about you to make themselves feel superior. A smart empath can see what's going on here and put the toxic drama to a quick end.

4. Targeting The Narcissist's Ego

Can An Empath Destroy A Narcissist?

Narcissists have large egos to cover up their grave personality flaws. They cannot stand it when their delusional sense of self-worth is threatened.

Seeing a self-aware empath destroy a narcissist's ego is one of the most satisfying things ever. For instance, when the narcissist projects you by criticizing you over things you have not done, you can turn the tables on them, but with actual evidence, and destroy their ego.

This is among the most effective ways you can have an empath destroy a narcissist.

5. Insist On Accountability

Can An Empath Destroy A Narcissist?

As an empath, you are full of integrity since you want to avoid hurting people at any cost. You also tend to insist on accountability.

Narcissists are never accountable for what they do. They prefer to cut corners, avoid putting in any work, and respond with blame games when confronted about their lack of accountability.

Consequently, when you insist on accountability when dealing with a narcissist, you will become a big problem for them. Demanding accountability will help any empath destroy a narcissist and make them flee.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Trying To Destroy A Narcissist

Can An Empath Destroy A Narcissist?

It must be great to learn that, as an empath, you can destroy a narcissist. Nevertheless, this is not as easy as you might think. Narcissists still have some vicious weapons they can use against you.

First of all, the narcissist might set out to destroy your reputation. Fortunately, if you are a brave empath, you can turn things around by sharing truths about the narcissist as well. In the process, you can undermine their plans to destroy you.

A good reputation is more important to a narcissist than to any other person. These toxic people think they are the best, and they can't stand it when anyone thinks less of them. So, if you make it clear you are willing to reveal ugly truths about them, then chances are that they will avoid you altogether without causing you any harm.

At the end of the day, you will only witness an empath destroy a narcissist through a move that counters the narcissist's trap. That means undermining the narcissist's ego, sense of entitlement, passive-aggressive behavior, or even pointing out the narcissist's insecurities. Mirroring the narcissist's behavior is also a great way to stop their toxic behavior.

These techniques will help an empath destroy a narcissist quickly and effectively. So, become an educated empath, a narcissist's worst nightmare. Nobody deserves to be a narcissist's victim, especially not an empath.