Camel Bites Off Man's Head After He Left It Tied Up In Sweltering Heat All Day

A man from India, who had left his camel exposed to the heat throughout the day, suffered the consequences and lost his life.

The man attempted to release the camel from its tether, but the animal fiercely attacked him, resulting in the severance of his head.

"The animal lifted him by the neck and threw him on to the ground, chewed the body, and severed the head," a villager told the media.

Approximately 25 individuals struggled for six hours to subdue the camel.

As per certain villagers in the state of Rajasthan, this particular camel had previously assaulted a man named Urjaram.

Camels attacking humans is not a notably frequent occurrence.

Nonetheless, when camels do attack, the assault can be brutal and lead to surprisingly violent consequences.

In January of last year, at a breeding farm in Texas, a camel fatally crushed two individuals.

In the prior fall season, the proprietor of an animal sanctuary in Mexico was attacked and killed by a camel. The animal bit and kicked him until he submitted, then proceeded to suffocate him by sitting on him.

Rescuers had to tether a rope around the camel and attach it to a truck in order to relocate the animal away from the deceased individual.

According to some accounts, the camel became agitated as it did not receive its daily dose of Coca-Cola on that day.

A few months prior, in California, an elderly man was attacked by a camel utilizing the same technique.

In that occurrence, the victim survived.

Camels are usually amicable creatures that enjoy investigating and even frolicking with human hair.

Nonetheless, male camels have a reputation for battling with their female counterparts and displaying an aggressive demeanor.

Although they possess sizeable teeth, animals raised in captivity are generally trained not to bite.

Camels typically kick in a circular motion, yet they tend to refrain from kicking humans for some unknown reason, as per experts.