Calpe In Costa Blanca – Location, Climate, Peculiarities, Attractions, And Real Estate For Sale

Calpe is a popular resort town and municipality in the north of the Spanish Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante in the Autonomous Community of Valencia. The city is located between the other major seaside resorts of Benidorm and Javea. The distance from Calpe to the administrative center of the province of Alicante is about 64 km, and to Valencia - 122 km. The number of local residents in the city is about 30 thousand people, of which more than half are foreigners. Foreigners come to the area both to buy real estate for permanent stay and for making investments. Apartments and villas for sale in Calpe are in high demand regardless of their location and number of amenities.

The Climate And Geographical Location Of Calpe

Calpe attracts visitors with its Mediterranean climate. It is famous for its rocky terrain, unique ecosystem with seaside forest landscapes, beautiful promenades for walks, and long sandy beaches. The place is comfortable for those who prefer a more relaxed and resting lifestyle or those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of a metropolis. However, during the peak of the holiday season Calpe is also quite a noisy town, the number of residents in the city increases significantly. The picturesque Peñón de Ifach is considered one of the symbols of the city and the entire Costa Blanca. It is 323 meters high and divides the city into two bays, Arenal-Bol and La Fossa.

Real Estate Market In Calpe

Calpe is an upscale resort with a lot of comfortable housing. The real estate market in and around the city is steadily developing, which affects the improvement of urban infrastructure, as well as increasing the level of comfortable accommodation in the resort. The parts of the city are characterized by different types of residential development. Here buyers can invest in the next properties:

- High-rise residences and hotels in the coastal part

- Houses and villas in the mountain area

- Apartments in the central part and close to the beach

Most properties are mainly apartments in new modern high-rise buildings, the terraces and windows which offer wonderful views over the sea, town or mountains. Spaniards and foreigners prefer not only to rest in the resort town of Calpe, but also to own a second home or apartment.

The Price Of Real Estate In Calpe

The cost of real estate depends on the location, possible sea views, type of property and living conditions. Real estate by the sea in Calpe and with a view of the sea, the rock Peñón de Ifach is considered the most expensive.

- Buying an apartment in the coastal area will cost from 2000 euro per 1 m². In most cases, the cost of the apartment in the new high-rise will be from 130 thousand euro.

- The cost of houses and villas with pools, plots of land, sea and city views starts at 270 thousand euro.

- In the south-western part of town, away from the noisy highways, as well as in urbanization Maryvilla sell luxury properties. The average purchase price starts from 500 thousand euro.

- Cheaper real estate in Calpe is in the northwestern part of the city.

- Residences with villas and townhouses with swimming pools, green areas are located and built in the urbanization around the city. Luxurious views of the sea and surroundings, ideal beaches make the resort a great place to live and relax for families who appreciate a warm climate and quiet rest.

Urban Areas And Urbanization Of Calpe

Conditionally, the city can be divided by age into Old Town and New Town. The old part of Calpe, formerly a fishing village, is characterized by typical Spanish streets and buildings. The new part of the city is a modern high-rise buildings. The resort can be divided into three main parts of the city. The first is the central and ancient part of the city, as well as the Peñón de Ifach rock area. The harbor with a marina, fish market, hotels, high-rise residential buildings, restaurants, cafes are located in this area, while the central old part of the district has banks, pharmacies, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable markets, the town hall, museums and churches.

The second is the urban part, which is located along the bay and the beach Arenal Bol and to the cape El Morro de Toix. In this part of Calpe there are numerous high-rise and low-rise apartment buildings, hotels, playgrounds, and a long promenade.

The third is a part of town along the wide sandy beach La Fossa. The area is relatively new, there are numerous high-rise hotel buildings with all the necessary infrastructure for the resort.

The Search Of Real Estate In Calpe

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