"Calling You A P*ssy Is A Public Disturbance?": TikToker Ticketed For Name-Calling Cop In Viral Video

“calling You A P*ssy Is A Public Disturbance?”: Tiktoker Ticketed For Name-calling Cop In Viral Video

The internet is congratulating a college student who protested after he was ticketed for insulting a police officer. People think it was great that he did not back down after being unfairly accused of causing a public disturbance.

The incident also started a heated online debate.

In the TikTok video, an officer named Rhodes had already reached the student to give him a ticket. That made the student want to know the reason behind the cop's decision to ticket him, and Rhodes said it was because he had created "a public disturbance."

The student then answers:

"OK, cool. So calling you a p*ssy is a public disturbance?"

The police officer then explains that saying the word "in front of a few hundred people" qualifies as a public disturbance.

However, the student is not convinced and goes on to claim, "I don't think so." After that, he assures the officer that the ticket will be contested.

Nonetheless, the student doesn't stop there and asks:

"Why are you that butthurt that you couldn't just give it to me yesterday?"

The officer then answered:

"Cause I didn't feel like dealing with the situation yesterday."

After the officer gave this answer, the student claimed:

"Oh, yeah, exactly. Because you don't have balls. You don't."

The student goes on to claim that the officer has a "big fu*king ego." He also implied that the cop would probably harass him on campus from then on since he can't handle an insult without using punishment as a way to deal with the problem.

The student then told the cop that he was "such an actual p*ssy, it's so funny."

He then asked the officer how his actions made him feel and whether he felt good for giving him the ticket. The officer, also unwilling to back down, answered him and said, "it does."

Reactions To The Video Were Varied


Power tripping cop gets confronted by student he gave a ticket to because his feelings were hurt. Fuck12 #BLM copsarepigs

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Those who saw the video were shocked that the student had the guts to push the officer's buttons, however easy that turned out to be. A commenter observed that the officer pretty much admitted to having written the ticket because he was embarrassed in public.

Another wrote:

"u actually hurt his feelings so bad lmao."

However, the reality of what was going on did not amuse many people.

Police officers in the United States are currently facing claims that they are on a power trip, which can result in more than just tickets as reactions to minor issues.

One of the users wrote that the officer had fundamentally misunderstood what public disturbance was and was, therefore, "totally in the wrong."

Another commenter wanted to know:

"What happened to freedom of speech?"

This is the only TikTok video the student, @bigduke999, has uploaded to his account, and it is not very clear when the video was created. However, he insists that he is the person in the video.

He also clarified that he was aware that he was not acting "nice." He also explained that his desire for "freedom of speech" overcame his inclination to act nice during the confrontation, leading to the situation with the officer.

The video soon went viral, getting over a million views and more than 3k comments within a few days. So, do you think the officer was in the wrong for giving the student the ticket, even if his feelings were hurt?