Call Me Petty, But I Can't Trust You If You Won't Put Our Relationship On Social Media


While I understand that social media is not a true reflection of real life, it still holds significance to me. I may come across as trivial, but I would like you to explicitly state that you are in a relationship with me on Facebook. This may appear foolish, but allow me to explain why it holds importance to me:

1. I've Been Down This Road Before

I had dated someone in the past who had refused to update his relationship status online, and at the time, he had convinced me that it was not a significant issue. However, as it turned out, his reluctance was just a cover-up for his unfaithfulness. He had used social media to flirt with other women and eventually cheated on me. Ever since that traumatic experience, I have made it a dealbreaker to be with someone who refuses to change their relationship status.

2. I Want You To Be Comfortable With It

Whenever a guy shows reluctance to change his relationship status, it raises red flags for me. I become anxious about the possibility of him being unfaithful, as well as the possibility that he may not be truly committed to me. I wouldn't want to experience that kind of uncertainty with you.

3. If You Can't Share It With Your Closest Friends, We Have A Problem

While it is true that social media may connect you with strangers, there are also friends and family members whom you share a close bond with. If you find yourself unable to share important news with them, it may be indicative of a deeper issue that you are avoiding. Such hesitation is not a good sign.

4. I Want You To Feel Proud To Be With Me

One of the most distressing aspects of a guy's refusal to update his relationship status on social media is the negative impact it has on my self-esteem. I do not want to feel unworthy or unappreciated, whether it be in real life or online. I refuse to allow those negative thoughts to consume me. I have experienced that kind of situation before, and I refuse to go through it again.

5. I Want You To Be Clear That You're Off The Market

At times, Facebook and other social media platforms may resemble unofficial dating apps with potential hookup opportunities everywhere. If your relationship status remains undisclosed, it may suggest that you are not completely committed to the relationship and are still open to exploring those opportunities. This behavior comes across as deceitful and untrustworthy.

6. No, I'm Not Jealous

It is often deemed unfair to label a woman as "jealous" for wanting her boyfriend to update his relationship status. This issue pertains more to the basic principles of respect and honesty within a relationship. If a man is unwilling to publicly acknowledge our relationship, it raises concerns about his motives and sincerity. If there are underlying reasons that he is hiding, then we have no grounds for a relationship.

7. T Makes Me Suspicious About Your Real Life

When you are hesitant to update your relationship status on social media, it leaves me wondering about the level of openness you display in your daily life. It raises questions about your true intentions and whether you are genuinely interested in being in a committed relationship. Such mixed signals create confusion and uncertainty.

8. I Need An Honest Man

I desire a relationship with someone who values honesty and will not attempt to deceive me. Although updating the relationship status on social media does not ensure that a guy will be a truthful partner, it is a significant aspect of many people's lives and contributes to maintaining honesty in a relationship.

9. I Won't Be Anyone's Dirty Little Secret

If you are interested in concealing our relationship because you find it exciting, then I am not interested in being part of such a dynamic. This behavior is incredibly disrespectful to me and makes me feel undervalued. I am not willing to invest my time in someone who is not serious about the relationship. Additionally, claiming to be a "private person" who does not share important information on Facebook is not a legitimate justification for hiding our relationship.

10. You Should Be Sensitive To My Needs

I am not asking you to make any grand gestures; all I am asking for is honesty in acknowledging our relationship on social media. It may seem insignificant, but it holds great importance to me, and it is about us and our commitment to each other. If you cannot comprehend the significance of this gesture and its role in making me feel secure in our relationship, then it raises concerns about your understanding and sensitivity towards my emotional needs.

11. It's A Sign Of Commitment

There are numerous ways to demonstrate your dedication and commitment to our relationship, such as allowing me to keep my belongings at your place, spending quality time with me, and integrating me into your life. This also encompasses your online presence. I desire assurance that you are wholeheartedly invested in our relationship both offline and online without any reservations.

12. Making It Public Means Making It Official

I don't have the urge to update my relationship status on my wedding day because I'm impatient, nor do I want to boast about our relationship on social media. However, I am someone who believes in formalizing our relationship. If we are in a committed and serious relationship, then it shouldn't be an issue to make it official on social media.