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California Cops Arrest Pizza Delivery Driver, But Make Sure Order Is Delivered To Customer

california cops arrest pizza delivery driver, but make sure order is delivered to customer

By the time most people place their pizza orders, they are salivating at the thought of digging their teeth into thick satisfying slices of this popular delicacy.

In short, the wait can be torture, and the moment the delivery finally arrives can feel like heaven.

Most pizza lovers can therefore appreciate how important pizza delivery guys are. Getting pizzas where they need to be is not something to joke about.

That's probably why cops took it upon themselves to complete a pizza delivery when they had to stop a pizza delivery guy while on duty.

The officers had to arrest the pizza delivery driver, but they made sure the eagerly-awaited meal was still delivered to the customer.

Pizza Delivery Guy Had An Outstanding Warrant

The pizza delivery driver was on his way to deliver the order when he was pulled over for a traffic violation. It was then that an officer found out that he had an outstanding arrest warrant.

In this process, the officer also learned that the man was on his way to deliver a pizza order.

As one of the officers handled the arrest, the other decided to complete the job the man obviously couldn't. They couldn't let an innocent citizen go hungry.

The department even posted a picture of the incident on their Facebook page:

"Earlier today Officer Datil was out and about doing traffic enforcement when he spotted a violator. He pulled the driver over, only to discover he had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest AND was in the middle of a food delivery to a hungry citizen."

"Unfortunately the driver had to be arrested for their warrant but fear not. Officer McCarthy stepped in to fill the delivery driver's [sic] shoes and got the pizza to the hungry citizen."

california cops arrest pizza delivery driver, but make sure order is delivered to customer

Clearly, this was a huge surprise for the person who had ordered the pizza. It was all very entertaining.

Obviously, the officer could not be tipped for his effort. According to the Murrieta Police Department:

"The smile on the hungry citizen's face was all the 'tip' needed to know we are doing our job."

There is definitely some truth to that claim: a little appreciation goes a long way.