Caitlyn Jenner Posts A Photo Of Kendall Jenner To Wish Kylie A Happy 22nd Birthday

The Jenner family is no stranger to controversy, they can hardly stay off the news. So, we are not surprised that one of the Jenners has hit the headlines once more.

But this time, all the attention is on Caitlyn Jenner after she made a reasonably innocent mistake. Her error on Instagram became the focus of her daughter's birthday.

Like any other loving mom, the 69-year old wanted to wish her daughter Kylie a happy 22nd birthday. She took to Instagram to express her sentiments now that her daughter was celebrating another year of life.

But she made one incredible mistake - she used Kendall's picture to do it. However, the message that captioned the photo was clearly meant for Kylie.

She may have been quick to delete the picture from her Instagram account as soon as she became aware of the mistake, but her followers were much faster.

Before she could take the photo down, it had been screenshotted and was already doing its rounds on the web.

The reactions continued pouring in long after she took the picture off her account. The story soon went viral and was shared on various online media platforms.

In the photo, Caitlyn had a sweet message saying "Life was so simple back then, but life is so good today. Happy birthday to my baby @kyliejenner."

That was quite a beautiful message, and we are sure Kylie would have loved it if only the photo had her in it. The birthday message was quite touching, and a sentimental accompanying photo was a deserving tribute to her youngest child.

Her only mistake was that the photo was of Caitlyn and Kendall Jenner, Kylie's older sister. The birthday girl was not in the picture supposed to celebrate her birth.

Caitlyn immediately took action and removed the picture, but when you have lots of followers watching your every move, it's almost always too late to correct your mistake. That is why stories of what happened are all over the web.

Fans easily spotted the mistake and noticed that it was not Kylie in the picture she had shared of her and a young adorable girl from years back.

She immediately put up another photo. This time, she double-checked to avoid another mistake. The photo had both Kendall and Kylie in it. But the message was much briefer: "Happy birthday @kyliejenner."

There have been speculations as to why the mix-up happened. According to one version of how the mistake came about, it's entirely possible that after recently meeting Kendall on August 8 for a dinner at Nobu in Malibu, she had her on her mind when she posted the happy birthday message for her other daughter on Instagram two days later.

At the time Caitlyn made this mistake, Kylie's preparation for a birthday party was in high gear in Italy. Caitlyn and Kendall were in California. However, their mother Kris Jenner was in Italy.

Rumors had it that Kylie was poised to wed on her 22-nd birthday. There were even rumors that she had already paid for a super-luxurious yacht on which she would celebrate the occasion with a number of invited guests.