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Caitlyn Jenner Is Facing Backlash For Her Stance On Transgender Women In Sports

caitlyn jenner is facing backlash for her stance on transgender women in sports

After Caitlyn Jenner announced her plans to run for governor of California, she is now letting many people down with her opinions on transgender women in sports.

The reality star, 71, is currently facing backlash for supporting the anti-trans legislation, which would restrain transgender children from being on sports on teams that match their gender identity.

According to a TMZ clip, Jenner said that transgender girls are "biological boys," which led many people on social media to call her out as transphobic.

"This is a question of fairness," she said when asked about her opinion about transgender women in sports. "That's why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls' sports in school. It just isn't fair. And we have to protect girls' sports in our schools."

Later, Jenner shared the TMZ clip on Twitter captioned: "I didn't expect to get asked this on my Saturday morning coffee run, but I'm clear about where I stand."

Of course, people had a lot to say to her, including trans actor Trace Lysette, who tweeted in response to her comments: "Cait... this ain't it, when you're on hormones and or blockers there is not an advantage."

Writer Charlotte Clymer thinks that Jenner, a transgender woman herself, was only expressing such a strong opinion in an attempt to appeal to her Republican following.

"Caitlyn Jenner completely fails to understand the science here," Clymer wrote in a tweet. "This has not been a problem. The GOP is fabricating this issue and funding Jenner to claim this nonsense. She is about as credible as any paid shill."

Jenner's controversial stance is especially frustrating as it comes amid a wave of harsh anti-trans legislation.

According to the Human Rights Campaign reports, there were 192 anti-trans bills under consideration in the United States. 93 of them target transgender citizens.

These bills came shortly after moves by President Joe Biden to protect the LGBT+ community, including an executive order that he signed on the first day of his term, which opposes discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

However, this isn't the former Olympic athlete's only controversial take. Jenner recently shared her opinions about prison reform, and they differ significantly from several members of her famous family.

Jenner slammed California's current governor Gavin Newsom on April 24 in a tweet for "releasing dangerous criminals back onto our streets."

But as Kim Kardashian's fans know, she has been working hard for years to reform the prison system. She even collaborated with former President Donald Trump to help non-violent prisoners get out of jail.

According to TMZ, the "tough on crime" mindset of Caitlyn doesn't sit well with the founder of SKIMS. Moreover, the outlet reported that her Kardashian-Jenner family does not have any plans to support the star of I Am Cait on the campaign trail.

Her sons—Burt, Brandon, and Brody—are reportedly "embarrassed" that she is running, and they think she is unqualified. In fact, they strongly suggested she "pump the brakes" on her political campaign before she went public with her plans for it in late April.

Until now, Jenner doesn't seem to have plans to back out of the race. "California has been my home for nearly 50 years," she said in a press release on April 23. "I came here because I knew that anyone, regardless of their background or station in life, could turn their dreams into reality."

Jenner criticized Newsom's administration because it puts "politics over progress and special interests over people."

"Taking on entrenched Sacramento politicians and the special interests that fund them requires a fighter who isn't afraid to do what is right," Jenner continued. "I am a proven winner and the only outsider who can put an end to Gavin Newsom's disastrous time as governor."