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Caitlin Rice is a model, influencer, and personal trainer with a lot of devout fans on social media. Here are some things you should know about this social media star.

Why Is Caitlin Rice Famous?

Caitlin is famous as a fitness trainer due to the photos and content she shares about her career on social media, especially Instagram. She is also popular for appearing in publications such as Sporting News and Total Pro Sports.

Date Of Birth

November 6, 1991

Birth Place

United States

Horoscope Sign


Net Worth



5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)


115 pounds (52 kg)



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Caitlin's father was in the army, which means she moved around a lot when she was younger. The strain of being an army brat made her pursue fitness as an escape.

She has a brother called Ian.


Her hobbies include working out, traveling, skydiving, and playing golf.

Who Is Caitlin Rice Dating?


Caitlin Rice Dating History


Caitlin Rice Social Media

Caitlin got on social media over a decade ago. By the year 2017, she had accumulated more than a million fans.

She has been a huge inspiration to fitness fans throughout the world. Caitlin also owns a site through which she offers workout and diet advice to her fans.

About Caitlin Rice

After completing her high school studies, Caitlin got a degree in political science from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She also got NASM Certification as a personal trainer.

Her modeling career began when she was 16 years old. Caitlin's journey as a model and influencer began when she started posting pictures on her Instagram account.

Her modeling career did not work out as well as she had hoped since she struggled to deal with the stresses that come with the highly demanding career.

She had to follow a strict diet and watch her calories very closely to uphold the standards of her profession. This made her miserable.

Eventually, she focused on health and fitness after finding out she felt healthier and more energetic after working out. She also learned more about nutrition.

Part of the reason she chose to become a personal trainer is her conviction that helping others is the most satisfying personal achievement.