Cafe Worker's X-rated Career Change

cafe worker’s x-rated career change

Like many, Elly from Sydney lost her job at a cafe due to Covid-19 restrictions.

In a search for a new income, an attractive Aussie logged into OnlyFans, and now she's making more than before the pandemic.

Elly discovers OnlyFans

cafe worker's x-rated career change
cafe worker's x-rated career change

During her first month and a half, she made over 5000 Australian dollars. She calls it easy money, explaining that she plays various roles, and sends a variety of photos or videos to her fans.

As Elly told to the local TV station:

"Before I used to work in a restaurant and I used to be a DJ at night-time and work in the restaurant in the daytime."

"I lost my job because of coronavirus and I had nothing else to do to get money."

cafe worker's x-rated career change
cafe worker's x-rated career change

Eager not to be behind the bills, Elly started watching YouTube videos and stumbled upon stories about OnlyFans.

She added that she starts her morning by turning on her laptop and changing her status to available. Then requests start rolling in, and Elly begins cashing in on her good looks.

"If someone asks for a video of my foot or something I charge a high price usually, around $50."

She plans to continue using the platform once the lockdown restrictions end:

"I have made around $5000 since I signed up a month and a half ago. When I was working at the cafe I wouldn't be making anything near that."

"So that was a really big shock for me, and I think I'll continue this even if coronavirus ends."

OnlyFans comes to the rescue

Elly's story is quite familiar. From celebrities to Instagram models and regular younger women, everyone's looking for extra cash.

The platform sells sex, fantasies. And due to lockdowns, we all get lonely, and it's not like we have anywhere else to spend our money.

Many don't mind paying for these private videos of the women they fancy.

It's a form of sex work, but without almost any danger. At least it looks that way.

As Elly says, privacy risks are huge. Just months ago, her content ended up on Pornhub.

cafe worker's x-rated career change
cafe worker's x-rated career change

"If you're going to sign up to OnlyFans just know that it's not going to stay on the website."

"One screenshot can go everywhere."

Despite this incident, Elly doesn't feel judged:

"I do get hate for not doing that (getting naked), as they thought they were subscribing to my OnlyFans to see me naked, but I never said that I was going to be naked on there."

The number of attractive ladies using OnlyFans is growing by the minute. You have to be careful about crafting your content to gain your future subscribers' attention since the competition is insane.

The website started in 2016, but most haven't even heard about it until Covid-19 and lockdowns. Now it's one of the most popular websites, whether you're in the USA, Australia, Europe, or Africa.