Cafe Hostess Opens Tip Jar After Saving For 2 Months And People Say They Need Her Job

A server has revealed the amount of gratuity she received and individuals are now expressing a desire to have her occupation after observing the kindness of her patrons.

Atlas, widely recognized by her TikTok handle @h2p36, gained widespread attention after posting her tip jar on the internet, earning an impressive amount in just two months.

Even Atlas was taken aback by the total, which had been stuffed inside a $20 (£16) acrylic box she purchased from an online retailer.

In the initial video of her series that went viral, Atlas can be seen attempting to open her tip jar and jokingly mentions using the funds to cover an emergency room visit as the plastic lid breaks apart.

"I mean I think that now would be a good time," she joked, adding: "It's like being hit by an ambulance on your way to the hospital."

As Atlas commences the counting process, she points out the various denominations of bills, including $5, $10, and even some $100 bills, with another voice in the background playfully teasing: "It pays to get tips, right?"

However, spectators had to endure until a follow-up video was released to find out the exact amount she earned.

It was a deliberate attempt to create suspense.

With the assistance of two others, Atlas counted and organized the bills and disclosed that she had earned an impressive $2,575 (£2,275) within just two months, as she proudly displayed the substantial stack of cash.

Many were astounded by the substantial amount she earned in such a brief span of time.

One of the user commented: "2 months…I need a new job."

Quickly, others followed suit, with one person remarking that the sum was greater than their earnings in a two-month period.

"Um ma'am where do you work I need to go apply," wrote a second.

Although Atlas has not disclosed the location of her workplace, she informed her followers that she currently holds a part-time position as a hostess at a café.

While some have expressed a desire to work at her establishment, others have noted that the generous tips may be more a result of the prevalent tipping culture in the US rather than the specific establishment.

In the United States, it is customary for customers to provide substantial gratuities, with airline Qantas advising travelers that a tip ranging from 15 to 25 percent in addition to the bill is considered "standard".

This is because, in certain regions of the US, a server's hourly wage can be as low as $2.13 (£1.76).

Other commentators also pointed out this distinction, with one individual stating: "Wow America has great tippers, in the UK you would get around 10 quid in 3 months."

However, a fan claimed that Atlas had earned a substantial amount due to her exceptional customer service.

They said: "This is awesome and says alot about your customer service!! enjoy doing something special"

The waitress later announced that she intended to fulfill her plan and is now in the process of arranging a lavish trip to Disneyland.