Cadbury Announces Plans For Full-Sized Oreo Creme Egg

Cadbury Announces Plans For Full-sized Oreo Creme Egg

Why isn't Cadbury under the list of the greatest innovators of all time?! Just why? They changed the game of chocolate production. They never failed to release new ideas since the year 1824 at 93 Bull Street when Mr. Cadbury opened his first store.

Now, it was just days ago when Cadbury decided to surprise the many sweet-toothed fans yet again. We are just a little more than 60 days away from the birth of another Cadbury innovation.

Do you remember the infamous and the favorite-of-many Crème Egg especially during Easter? That chocolate-covered egg containing a white and yellow fondant filling? Well, it just got more exciting than that. Something new is under the watch of many chocolate enthusiasts.

The soon-to-be-tasted full-sized Cadbury Oreo Crème Egg has been causing all the ruckus in the UK. It is Cadbury's yet another innovation specifically of the old orange-centered chocolate crème egg prototype. What makes the news better is its reported release date. On January 19, it will make its UK debut. What a great way to start the year.

Although this has been expected by many after last year's Oreo Mini Eggs and Oreo Egg n' Spoon it still is causing fans to go wild. It will only be out for a limited time. The Oreo Crème Eggs will only be available in stores until the 21st day of April 2019. That's just enough time for every Cadbury/Oreo fan to enjoy this dreamy delicacy.

The full-sized Oreo eggs, however, are already available for shopping in Canada – such luck these Canadians have! For the UK, it will be a couple more months away. At least it's only a couple of months away! The wait has just been too long before these wonders hit the UK market.

The Oreo eggs will come at 175 calories which is two calories less than the original crème eggs. That just makes the Oreo experience better and healthier or should I say…guilt-free? Along with this, they will only contain 16.5g of sugar compared to the original crème egg's 26.5g. That doesn't make them less sweet though.

The full-sized Oreo eggs will have the same outer layer of chocolate as the original's but will have a cream-filled core matched with Oreo bits. They will have the same crunchy feel on the inside just like the mini Oreo eggs but better and bigger – Just imagine that. Could you wish for more?

Also rather than the old red, yellow and purple wrapper for Cadbury's crème eggs, the Oreo Crème Eggs will be covered in blue, purple, and white. That will just make the Easter baskets more colorful.

Don't be surprised though, the new editions will be pricier. They're priced at 58p which is 8p more than the originals. Will it be worth its price? Well, according to last year's great feedback on the Mini Oreo Eggs, they might just be worth the 58p.

On another note, a mystery brews from this Oreo comeback. What will be the next Cadbury innovation? Will we see another Oreo combo? I guess only time will tell. For now, we can just savor the moment while we await the coming of the newest Cadbury slash Oreo mashup.