Bystanders Mock And Livestream Brutal Beating Of Police Officer

Bystanders Mock and Livestream Brutal Beating of Police Officer Who Was Injured So Badly He Needed to Be Airlifted to Hospital (VIDEO)

In these uncertain times, one thing is for sure: police officers get little or no sympathy.

And in this case, things were out of control, as bystanders in North Carolina mocked and filmed the brutal beating of an officer.

The cop begging for help

Rowland Police Office Michael Sales, 27, was asking for help. However, one bystander answered while laughing:

Well, you're the police. Why Imma help you folk?

While the policeman was under the attack, people were streaming it live on Facebook.

In the video, you can hear other comments:

Police scared as hell. He said, 'help me, y'all!' That man asked me to help him, and he's the goddamned police.

One person tried to intervene, but you can also hear another "videomaker" saying:

Let him whoop his -ss, goddamn.

The officer lost his gun

During the attack, the 27 year old officer lost his gun, and other equipment.

It only made people around him laugh harder.

That man looking for his goddamn gun.

Where your gun at? You ain't got your gun! I'm gonna find that mother—ker…you can't do nothin' without your gun!

The gun and everything else is recovered, and Officer Sales was airlifted to a hospital. He's recovering well.

No innocent bystanders

Robeson County Sheriff Burnis Wilkins said the brutal attack on Officer Sales exemplified our reality in his Facebook post.

The harsh reality that law enforcement in America is facing right now. Some think it's okay to Defund the Police, Assault the Police, and actually laugh and video the event while it's occurring while at the same time encouraging the suspect to continue to fight the officer even after the officer has lost his weapon and is obviously disabled,

bystanders mock and livestream brutal beating of police officer

Jamel Alphonso Rogers has been "charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intentions to kill while inflicting serious injuries, kidnapping, and two counts of resisting a public officer."

We don't know his motives for the attack. But, it was severe and the fact that many stood, doing nothing but laughing, only makes matters worse.

It's not cool to say it out loud, but the vast majority of police officers simply do what they were told.

Rogers will spend days behind bars. But let's not kid ourselves thinking that those around him weren't able to stop the beating.