Buying Things Won't Make You As Happy As Travelling Will, Says Science

Buying Things Won’t Make You As Happy As Travelling Will, Says Science

These days, people are crazy about shopping. Consumerism has finally gotten the better of us. People no longer buy things because they need them.

Many Shop Just For The Sake Of It

What is there to do when you have a plush job and are bombarded with those fancy advertisements? Marketers have upped their game, and they can make you lose sleep over things you don't need.


There Is Some Satisfaction That Comes With Shopping, A Rush Of Sorts

But this activity does not give you lasting happiness. You will be happy going on a shopping spree today, but that will all be forgotten by the time you get out of bed tomorrow.

I know you will still have what you bought, but that does not mean you will be happy using it. It could very well be the other way around.


The worst part is that you might have bought something you don't need, and that money will have gone to waste when you dump that product in the basement or the garage to collect dust and be forgotten.

So, what they say is true: money cannot buy happiness.

The thrill that shopping gives you only adds to your lust for shopping, which makes this an expensive addiction.

Why Not Spend That Money On Experiences That Give You Lasting Happiness?

Cornell University sought to find out the truth about happiness and shopping. In the end, the lead researcher, Thomas Gilovich, found out that travel might be a worthwhile pursuit if you want money to bring you happiness.


First of all, as soon as you pay for the trip, you get the same adrenaline rush that buying something gives you.

It's almost like you have bought the latest phone or dress.

But traveling is much better because it will come with lasting memories. You will get new experiences, explore new cultures and perspectives, and your mind will never forget those great memories.

As you travel, you are likely to pick up a new hobby, see an event you have never attended, compete, and explore new ways of enjoying life. Having many such memories in your mind will always bring you joy whenever you remember them.


Nobody regrets spending their time on new experiences at the ends of their lives. However, many of us regret spending lots of money buying stuff we don't need, sometimes as soon as you have paid for them.

But As They Say, There Is No Accounting For Taste

If the fleeting joy shopping can give you is enough for you, then go after it. But if you hope to get lasting happiness that brings joy to your heart long after the money is spent, spend your money on experiences, particularly traveling.