Butterfly Lands On Baby's Head And Opens Its Wings To Form Dazzling Hat

A giant butterfly lands on a toddler's head, creating a magical moment that leaves mom speechless.

As a parent, you're always looking for fun activities to do with your children that'll expose them to different aspects of the world.

And one of the most fun activities is taking them to nature. After all, the world is big, so it only makes sense to get your bundles of joy involved in the outdoors.

Being out in nature helps kids develop language skills as there's more sensory information to take in and process while outside.

According to Motherly, it also improves physical development in babies and lays a foundation for learning, and wards off illness. So, you should take your little ones to nature as often as possible.

And recently, a young mom decided to take her baby daughter to San Diego Zoo. And the toddler had a magical experience, courtesy of a friendly and curious butterfly.

While the mom and her baby enjoyed their moment with her dad, a butterfly suddenly flew and landed on the little girl's soft head.

butterfly lands on baby's head and opens its wings to form dazzling hat

For a few seconds, it stood on the baby's head without her noticing.

Her dad then tried to get her attention, but she responded by looking blankly at him. Another child nearby tried to make her smile, but she continued staring as though nothing was happening.

Though the butterfly kept its wings closed, it would occasionally open them, exposing a beautiful blue pattern.

butterfly lands on baby's head and opens its wings to form dazzling hat

And the pattern on the butterfly's wings was nothing short of magical. It left everyone around in awe.

Staying on for around a minute, the butterfly delighted the parents and didn't seem to bother the child at all.

It also seemed to have some type of attraction to the little girl. Even when she would look down and move her head, the butterfly would climb higher onto her head.

Honestly, there's just so much cuteness in this clip!

This is undoubtedly a moment the family will never forget. With the girl's dad filming the occasion, she'll get the chance to see the clip as she gets older.

The moment is also heartwarming as some people believe butterflies symbolize good luck and hope.

butterfly lands on baby's head and opens its wings to form dazzling hat

Could this be a friendly sign the family will live a happy life? They certainly seem blissful at this moment!

This clip serves as a reminder of how nature's wonders can come out when we least expect them. The butterfly could've landed anywhere, but it chose this little girl's head.