"Butt-Crack" Leggings Are 2021's Most Daring Trend Yet

"Butt-Crack" Leggings Are 2021's Most Daring Trend Yet

The fashion world never sleeps, and new trends are popping up every day. You can never predict what they will come up with next.

Even big global brands are taking unbelievable risks, while local industries stop at nothing to prove that they are just as competitive. Honestly, the whole industry seems obsessive and over the top with its inventions.

While some of these things are tolerable, some push the limits too far, and we can't ignore them.


To show just how crazy things have become, here are some of the ridiculous fashion trends at the moment. Yes, we have also included the insane "buttcrack" leggings trend.

1. Men's Crop-tops


It's hard to say what's particularly wrong about men wearing crop-tops, but honestly… there are a lot of things wrong with this trend. There is no reason this should be a trend, and I don't see anyone in their right mind supporting this ridiculous crop-top idea.

2. Denim Knee-High Boots, With Lots Of Pockets


Where to begin? The pockets make absolutely no sense, and they make the terrible invention even worse.

They make you wonder what you would have to put in there.

Then there is the issue of the jaw-dropping price of $1,600, which goes to show that the craziness doesn't end with the laughable design.

3. Distressed Mesh


The most distressing thing about this trend is how unflattering it is. Unless you actually want to look distressed, this is not an item of clothing you should wear.

4. Transparent Shoes


This could actually work, although the shoes look strange, cheap, and impractical. Then again, this is a shoe that should go with any outfit.

Maybe there is a lot more to love about this shoe than there is to hate.

5. Crocs With Socks


Yes, crocs are very popular; but they are pretty much as good as they can get, especially when the suggested improvement is adding socks to them.

Granted, this is an idea you can either love or hate. However, considering that some people have never really loved crocs, the crocs with socks idea does not have a very promising prospect.

6. Platform Crocs


Again with the crocs. Here is another crocs idea that makes the shoe even worse than it already is.

Even more surprisingly, this shoe will cost you more than $500. You could save most of that money and still get yourself several pairs of incredible flip-flops.

7. Mixed Animal Prints


If you love black color, then this fashion style is quite the eyesore. Sure, this dress might have some admirers, but it won't work for everyone.

8. Lambskin Shoes


You wouldn't want step on any muddy puddles with this pair of shoes.

9. Fluffy Eyebrows


To be fair, fluffy eyebrows are not all that terrible. They would have caught on had it not been for some people's misguided attempt to braid them.

The whole idea fell apart from that point.

10. Socks With Sandals


Again, this is another love or hate situation. It seems that socks with some shoe type are a thing now, considering that we have just talked about socks with crocs.

However, this idea might just work, considering how cute that pair of animal print platforms are.

11. Car Mat Skirt


Okay, as far as crazy ideas go, this is really up there. Balenciaga is not shy about introducing strange fashion trends, but this went a little too far.

That has to be one of the most uncomfortable skirts ever invented, not just for the wearer but also for anyone else who sees it.

12. Double Jeans


It's worth mentioning that the denim jeans you are seeing in this picture will cost you $500. The question is: why would anyone pay anything for this?

13. Sweater Sleeves


You read that right. All you get when you make this purchase are the sleeves. Maybe it's meant for those summer days when you miss the winter.

14. Unicorn Sneakers


Obviously, this is off limits for adults. However, their makers have a different opinion about this.

15. Twenty-Four Carat Meggings


Believe it or not, metallic meggings (leggings for men) are back. We can't figure out why.

16. Flower-Vase Hair


The inventor of this trend deserves some points for artistic creativity. The fashion trend is also a great way to increase your height by about a foot.

However, it is clear that we won't be seeing a lot of women walking around with flower vases on their heads.

17. Glitter Bucket Hat


This trend might grow on you, even though it looks a bit funny. The trend came back in 2018, and it even made it to 2019.

Fans of bucket hats would probably love this fashion item.

18. Neon Cycle Shorts


Do not be deceived, there is nothing cute about these shorts unless you are actually going to cycle in them.

19. Transparent Handbags


We should give credit where it's due. In this case, the handbag certainly looks trendy, and it's foreseeable that many ladies would like to add this handbag to their collection.

However, what would you really carry in a transparent handbag? It has to be quite limiting in this regard.

20. See-Through Men's Lace Shorts


Apparently, men's lace shorts are a thing. To complete the look, they also include a matching lace shirt for those who want to go crazy with this look.

21. Detachable Joggers From Fenty


They are not shorts, and neither are they pants. They offer a little of both.

Basically, joggers should be very comfortable, but it doesn't take a lot of effort to figure out that these joggers will probably be rubbing your skin uncomfortably.

22. Shoulderless Jacket


You shouldn't get this for winter, because you will be disappointed. We can't figure out why this fashion designer decided that a jacket would work without shoulders.

Does it seem a little impractical? Yes. It might be great for the beach, but only barely.

23. Muddy Jeans


You are not crazy. Muddy jeans are actually a trend. The mud looks so real, right?

However, the mud is not actual mud but a design. Unfortunately, that hardly helps considering how the jeans look.

So, why would anyone want to spend $437 on this pair of jeans when you can achieve the same undesirable effect by rolling around in the mud with your more affordable regular pair of jeans?


24. Muddy Jacket


In case you like muddy jeans, then a muddy jacket might fascinate you as well. With this ensemble, you can have a completely muddy look.

Before you decide whether this trend will catch on or not, it's important to know that the two clothing items are already sold out at the moment. So, there are people who don't mind paying hundreds of dollars for these horrible fashion items.

25. Ugg Sandals


It seems like making ugly shoes is a truly popular trend these days, which explains the existence of these Ugg Sandals by Ugg and Teva.

Crocs seem like a masterpiece compared to these shoes.

26. Tutu Jeans


This should be perfect when you are torn between wearing a skirt or a pair of jeans. The only reason not to do this is that tutu jeans look terrible.

Otherwise, if you still want to get yourself this fashion item, all you need is $58.

27. Hairy One-Piece Swimsuit


This swimsuit created a huge buzz. There is no way wearing it as you step into the pool won't get you a lot of attention.

Some people can see the funny side to wearing this costume, however, it can't possibly have too many fans.

28. Neon Mesh Catsuit


There are a couple of things that make wearing this outfit a terrible decision, and many of them are quite obvious. For one, the neon green color is not suitable for this kind of clothing.

The other reason this should not even be a fashion trend is that the costume has mesh print, and we need to retire that already.

29. Marijuana Suit


However huge of a marijuana enthusiast you are, wearing this suit would still be a questionable move. Just make sure you don't wear it to work. That would not help your career prospects.

The suit will make you look like an idiot and not an enthusiast.

30. Camel-toe Shoes


Here is another pair of idiotic shoes. Although they are designer shoes, they are an epic miss.

This goes to prove that it doesn't matter who designs the shoe: if it's ugly, it's still ugly.

Imagine how uncomfortable your toes would be while separated inside these shoes. The shoes don't look that funny anymore, do they?

The Latest Viral Trend


These are the "buttcrack" leggings.


These leggings are designed to display your buttcrack in the most prominent way if you are interested in showcasing your "assets."

On TikTok, these leggings are a huge hit.


Strangely, the pants sort of make sense, which makes them even more strange. You can get yourself a pair if you want a pair.