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Butcher Faces Off Against Vegan Activist Holding Pig's Head In Shopping Center

butcher faces off against vegan activist holding pig’s head in shopping center

A female vegan activist had the most heated confrontation ever with a butcher at a shopping center in Australia.

Tash Peterson, an animal rights campaigner, stood in front of everyone wearing what appeared to be bloodied white clothes, holding a pig's head, and shouting right in front of the butcher's shop in Perth, Australia.

Peterson was shouting about how people suffocate poor animals to death, just before the butcher quickly jumped over the counter and told her to "get out."

The butcher shouted and swore at the activist, calling her a "f***ing idiot", then stuck her fingers up at the camera while she was being recorded.

Peterson took to her Facebook page to write: "Why is she so triggered when I speak the truth about what happens in the very industry that she profits from?"

But as the encounter got even more heated, it seemed Peterson had just got started. She shouted that pigs are more intelligent than pets and that they are "the third most intelligent species on this planet."

She held the pig's head up and shouted at the butcher: "Could you shoot him in the head yourself? Could you slit his throat yourself?"

"If you use animal products you are an animal abuser." Peterson shouted.

The butcher couldn't hold back and attempted to take the pig's head from the woman.

The butcher shouted: "Don't you have a life?"

"Can I come to your work and do this to you?"

butcher faces off against vegan activist holding pig's head in shopping center
butcher faces off against vegan activist holding pig's head in shopping center

But these words did not affect the activist; she continued her speech as the butcher led her out of the door by grabbing the pig's nose and dragging the woman by it.

Then a security guard came and made sure she left the center.

Watch The Whole Video Below:

People reacted to the incident differently. Some laughed, and others just stood and filmed the entire thing, and the online reaction was just as mixed.

One social media user wrote: "What a professional employee she is, swearing at the top of her voice, sticking her middle fingers up, she needs to relax, all that cholesterol from eating animals is going to give her a heart attack."

Another said: "You are so brave Tash, thank you on behalf of the animals. It's called freedom of speech. This butcher is disgusting for abusing and assaulting you."

While another said: "Who cares people like you are the reason why being vegan has a bad rep."

It Seems like the dilemma between vegans and meat eaters won't stop anytime soon.