"Bus Ride Was Complete Terror And Torture": 5-Year-Old Girl Attacked By 12-Year-Old Bully On School Bus

“bus Ride Was Complete Terror And Torture”: 5-year-old Girl Attacked By 12-year-old Bully On School Bus

It was a horrifying experience for Aubrey Corley's 5-year-old daughter after a 12-year-old girl savagely beat her on a school bus.

Corley revealed that her daughter, Briellea Gamez, was poked, slapped, and even strangled on her way home from school by a teenager.

It was just a regular day for the mother when she went to pick up her daughter from the bus stop before noticing something wasn't right with her child.

Corley said:

"From a distance, it first looked like Briellea had marker on her face, but immediately I noticed it wasn't and she was crying and screaming. Briellea got to my car door and I noticed the bus trying to pull away. I quickly jumped out of my car and ran to the bus driver's window."

The mother claimed that the bus driver tried to leave right after dropping off her assaulted daughter at the bus stop. But she demanded he explains what had happened to her child.

"bus ride was complete terror and torture": 5-year-old girl attacked by 12-year-old bully on school bus

The mom continued.

"He casually said she had been slapped, and he was going to write them up and move her to a different sit, and then he drove off."

According to Corley, her daughter Briellea, who attends Hubbard Elementary School, told her that an older girl attacked her, grabbed her by the throat, and forced her to stop breathing.

The girl then grabbed her by the hair, slammed her head against the bus wall, struck her with a book bag, and poked her buttocks.

Corley also noticed several scratches, cuts, and bruises on her daughter's face.

According to the 5-year-old, the bulling girl wasn't acting alone. A 9-year-old boy, alleged to be the 12-year-old's younger brother, also took part in the aggressive behavior.

The bullying girl was identified and charged, Monroe County Sheriff's Office said in a statement. In addition to the charges, the 12-year-old was suspended from school. Her autistic brother was reassigned to a special-education program and school bus.

"bus ride was complete terror and torture": 5-year-old girl attacked by 12-year-old bully on school bus

The bullies of Corley's daughter was captured on the school bus's surveillance camera. The mother said that a lead investigator on the case told her that the "45-minute ride home was complete terror and torture" for her little girl.

According to the Stop Bullying organization, a government group, 28 percent of students in the US have experienced bullying in their school life while 70 percent of youth, especially teenagers, have seen bullying at school.

So, if you suspect your child is being abused or bullied, contact your local child protective services office or law enforcement agency so that officials can investigate the situation.