Bus Driver, 47, Called A 'Paedo' For Dating Mate's 16-Year-Old Daughter

Bus Driver, 47, Called A ‘paedo’ For Dating Mate’s 16-year-old Daughter

A 47-year-old bus driver was branded a 'paedo' after falling in love with his friend's 16-years-old daughter.

Andy and Beth are married for three years now and are featured on Channel 5 TV show, Age Gap Love.

For their first time, the couple has returned home for the TV show, after they were forced to leave due to a controversy over their 28 years age gap.

They now have two children, and they revealed their marriage is stronger than ever.


Andy spoke:

"We were all like one happy family but needless to say, I didn't know that Beth was getting these thoughts that she wanted me to be her happy man forever sort of thing."

"I was concerned about what people would think... it's a big gap, it's a generation gap."

For Andy and Beth, their life was turned upside down by the age gap. Andy also spoke of how people mistreated him.


He revealed:

"To say it was really dark days, I can't stress to you enough - that's mild."

"They made me feel like I was some sort of animal because I'm going out with a younger girl."

"No, I'm going out with a younger girl because this girl has asked me to go out with her which is a privilege to me and an honor to me to find someone that thinks that of me."

The first episode's show sees Beth and Andy returning to their home for a family holiday after they were driven out two years ago.


Along with Conway, one-year-old, and Timmy, 2, the couple traveled from Lancashire to Wales.

Beth was afraid and anxious when they arrived at their home town. She even struggled to leave the car.

Beth's auntie, Nikki, revealed:

"People damaged the property they lived in, the vehicles they had and wrote obscenities on them."

"They'd shout abuse at them, it wasn't nice at all."


The couple also revealed they hope to move back to their home town, an "end goal" they admitted it'll not be simple.

Andy said:

"Forty years I've lived in Wales, my mum's been here, my grandma's been here."

"Not to be where you were brought up where all your memories are and your family, it's very tough, it doesn't get any easier."

"It kills me inside all the time."

"I don't want to be treated any differently... we are Beth and Andy, and that's it, isn't it?"


Beth insisted that the age gap doesn't bother her:

"I've always wanted to make a family... so I just thought Andy would be the perfect man to do so."

"I don't see him as an old man or my dad or anything like that."

Andy and Beth married in a small gathering, with few guests, in North Wales.

Talking about their marriage, Andy said:

"The best way to describe our marriage is no different from three years ago, we're best mates."


"What do I fancy about Beth... like any normal red hot-blooded female, she's beautiful, she's vibrant, her character's fantastic, just everything about her."

"And I think she sees in me security - I'm a comfortable pair of slippers."

"And I'm gorgeous, apparently."

The majority of people will agree that dating a minor is morally wrong.