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Burger King Thailand Unveils 'BLACK AND PINK' Burgers For Valentine's Day

burger king thailand unveils ‘black and pink’ burgers for valentine’s day

Burger King in Thailand has just released 'Black and Pink' burgers for Valentine, and we can't wait to try them.

In a viral post circulating on social media, the fast-food chain released their latest burger offering — Black Double Grilled Onion Burger and Pink Salmon Burger.

The black burger is for singles, while the pink one is for lovers.

burger king thailand unveils 'black and pink' burgers for valentine's day

With naturally-colored black buns, the black burger contains two of Burger King's grilled patties and two cheese slices.

It's made even tastier by its special burger sauce and grilled onion. If you're single, you can get your hands on this burger for $4.96 (149 baht)

Meanwhile, Pink Salmon Burger contains deep-fried salmon fillet, one cheese slice and special rich sauce.

And just like the black burger, it has naturally-colored pink buns.

The pink burger only costs $2.96 (89 baht), meaning you can get one for yourself and another for your loved one at $5.92 (178 baht).

But are these burgers an endorsement deal for South Korean girl group Blackpink? No.

According to the food chain, the limited-edition burgers are the company's campaign to celebrate the month of love.

If you're traveling to Thailand this Valentine season, you can get the buggers from any Burger King branch. They will be available until February 28.